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More Random Thoughts!


Way to hum, Hoofs!


  • A lot of traders are watching S&P 850 as a near-term inflection point. I don't see it but you always want to know what other players are monitoring--and now you do.

  • I continue to see sizable short covering but we know that if the tape doesn't come in, the real buyers will emerge higher.

  • I love to write but my grammatical efforts need some work!

  • The preponderance of flow I'm seeing is hedge fund related.

  • Arrogance and rudeness are two pet peeves of mine.

  • Yes, the ketchup situation was pretty amusing--I felt like I was in one of those Southwest commercials "Wanna get away?" The guy was very cool though and we ended up joking about his "tie dye" by the end of the night.

  • Do I think this rally will ultimately hold? No. Do I think it's today's business? Not sure--but it doesn't feel like it.

  • I think Syracuse (#3 East) is in a better spot than Big East champ Pitt (#2 Midwest).

  • This S.A.R.S virus is no joke. Why do I keep thinking of the movie Outbreak?

  • The internals/technicals don't support a sustainable rally but they're far from an upside disconnect.

  • The initial breach of the duct-tape (February 13th) lows sucked a lot of novice shorts into the market.

  • The perception of war is buoying the tape but the reasons for the bear market have little to do with Iraq.

  • March Madness Minyanfest will be held at Q-Lounge (220 W. 19th Street) this Sunday from noon through 4pm.

  • For more information on the Oscar Awards Raffle, please visit the Ruby Peck Memorial Library.

  • You can't buy class.

  • Good traders make money, great traders know how to take a loss.
  • My eyes keep migrating to Citigroup.

  • In volatile markets, the size of your bets should be adjusted accordingly.

  • ORCL reports tomorrow night.

  • Mike Santoli, thanks for the mention in this week's Barron's!
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