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Random Thoughts


  • What the heck does "I stand corrected" mean? Every time I hear that, I think of Igor (it's EYE-gor!).

  • Control freak!

  • If this keeps up, Ken will have to stray!

  • Today Hobbits. Tomorrow the critters!

  • "Mini-Minyan Mailbag: Toddo, Please suggest that Minyans go to i-tunes store and purchase, for 99 cents, the Melissa Etheridge/Joss Stone live version of a couple of Janis tunes. Every penny goes to breast cancer research and it rocks. Aloha, Minyan Barry Finkenberg" * Consider it done!

  • While some things aren't fun to discuss, ignoring them would be myopic as we edge through the psychology bubble.

  • The mule ate my homework!

  • "In the firm-grasp-of-the-obvious department, Yoon Jeung-Hyun, the chairman of South Korea's Financial Supervisory Commission, recently made comments along the lines that Asia cannot keep up the pace of buying Treasury notes. My guess is that all the Asians are fairly panicked. They can finally see that the dollar does have problems, and they're stuck with dollars and Treasurys (both of which have the potential to create losses for them). In my opinion, this process is not going to end until we see a full-blown panic on the part of foreigners, and Americans as well." -- Bill Fleckenstein from his always insightful Fleck Rap.

  • The weekly Investor's Intelligence survey finds the bullish camp at 54.5% vs. 55.7% prior week with Boo's crew at 24.3% vs. 21.6% prior.

  • In 100 years, all this stress will seem silly.

  • That's DR. Minyan Marc Faber!

  • Tea party at Hansel's after the close!

  • Speaking of Baywatch...

  • The Minyan March Madness Brackets will close tomorrow at high noon. Please remember to fill out your sheets as it's a two-sided win! (password:minyans)

  • Please keep BKX 99 (200-day) on your screens as another monster truck level.

  • Minyanville Classics: War Stories

  • "In our view, there could be another push lower (a couple percent) that would set the stage for a much more significant advance. The GM news coupled with a pullback in momo energy and materials sectors should allow for current corrective action to complete." -- Snoop Tony Dwyer

  • Please see the dollar drippage and metal rippage as the greenback failed anew at DXY 82.

  • Fromage!

  • I'm walking around the office in half a bear costume (added this morning) and eyeing a few key tea leaves. BKX 99 and NDX 1480 (200-days), the breadth (2:1 negative) and crude (+1.7%) are currently topping the list. I have eyeballed an S&P 1206 stop and will adapt should the inputs shift and/or roll down my stop if we see further slippage. I'm keenly aware that we have a slew of news, expiration and the S&P rebalancing on deck.

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