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Random Thoughts




  • My fear is that we'll look back longingly at this number once the debt spiral starts to unwind.

  • There is NO WAY that Syracuse will repeat as NCAA champs (is that an adequate mea culpa to the powers that be?).

  • A friend of a friend of a friend, who is a silversmith, says he is backlogged by 6 months (demand over supply).

  • Honey Coombs. :-)

  • I gotta tell ya, I flipped past Dennis Miller on CNBC last night and ended up watching the entire opening sequence. It's actually very funny.

  • Watch those Trannies as they tickle the 200-day.

  • Will this winter ever end?

  • Matt Jacobs, devout Met's fan, bought NY Yankee calls in Vegas last weekend. He asked me to add that NOTHING would make him happier than to lose that $50 but I told him "Hey Matt, you wanna voice? Build a website!"

  • I would "think" that equities are looking for some hand holding (on the "stronger economy") from Sir Elmer. The "low rate for a while" argument is getting a bit long in the tooth.

  • I can't believe Adriana is gonna get whacked.

  • I saw Boo running in the park again singing some vintage LL, "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years, Rockin' my peers and putting suckas in fear....."

  • I'm a Mog--half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend.

  • If you haven't had a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity, you're missing one of life's simple pleasures.

  • Tomorrow is the one week mile marker of the Minyan Scale Tale. Between the wrenched back and the weekend bout with the stomach flu, I gotta think I'm in the running. I'm casting a wary eye out west, however, as J-Dog (at lower base weight of 125 lbs) has the natural advantage on a percentage basis. Grr.

  • Merrill (MER:NYSE) and Morgan (MWD:NYSE) are RED in the face of "robust" Lehman (LEH:NYSE) earnings. That's not a good sign for Sir Hoofy.

  • The critters have just approved a snazzy new Minyanville healthcare/biotech professor. Noice!

  • The Dow, S&P, NDX, CYC (cyclicals), DRG (druggies), SOX (semis), brokers (XBD) and banks (BKX) are all giving stochastic buy signals. They're clearly more of a directional tool than a timing indicator--and they can pretzel for a while as they did on the upside--but it's a feather in Hoofy's headdress nonetheless.

  • Never lose your sense of humor, Francis.

  • Homies don't play today.

  • What's a Minyanville Ambassador? It's someone who wants to earn while they learn as part of the Minyan family. Through this enterprise program, Ambassadors will receive a nice payout on all passports AND licensing agreements secured through their efforts. It's actually a pretty sweet deal--the critters kinda sell themselves--so give us a ping for more information!

  • Veritas (VRTS:NASD) is down 10% today. Talk about a delayed reaction!

  • Dow Jones reports that the FBI is investigating the February 13 Wolverine Confidence report (and unauthorized access to the data).

  • Microsoft (MSFT) and General Electric (GE:NYSE) just aren't giving the love today.

  • As soon as you start viewing obstacles as opportunities, you've mentally turned the corner to success.

  • Smelly cat, Smelly cat...what are you thinking of?

  • Spain has bounced to the tune of 1.5%.

  • There should be forced one month sabbaticals in our business.

  • Boo has already made a reservation at the Ivy for next week. Heaven help us if he goes Hollywood.

  • Tim Olsen just penned his new missive for the Minyanville Elementary School!

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