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Random Thoughts


Keep your emotions in check.

  • The cool Brees that just swept across New Orleans might help the Raiders land a snazzy QB. But I'll let those chips fall where they may. We have bigger brackets to fry (they're due at noon tomorrow).

  • Keep your eyes peeled for the Beige Book (2:00 EST), particularly with so many important technical levels in our midst.

  • The midday tea leaves are biding time, with the notable exception of Google. Too myopic? Perhaps, but it led us higher yesterday and should remain on ye radar today.

  • As I pull the IBM cork off my fork, it's worth noting that SunMicro continues to edge higher and is within spittin' distance to multi-year highs.

  • John Succo just posted one of the most succinctly informative Buzzes I've ever read.

  • Speaking of multi-year highs, silver is on its horse again and is probing the March bar.

  • Who needs a hammer?

  • There's a big part of me that senses that the Minx wants to run higher. However, setting stops removes emotions and I'm practicing that discipline in real-time.

  • Be careful Minyans, you never know where your e-vibes will emerge.

  • "Minyan RC notes the TD-Combo setups occurring right now on the 30 minute chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The 9 setups frequently identify trend pauses, if not outright reversals. They do (in some vehicles) have a rather uncanny history of pinpointing intra-day turns. For what it is worth, on daily charts I do not trade the "9 setup" since that is just the first step before a price completion "13" can occur. Here is a 30-minute chart of of the Dow with TD-Combo and TD-Sequential overlaid, courtesy Thomson Financial. We have 9s now on the intra-day Dow chart - check out the history of 9s over the past few weeks. Wild." Pepe Depew late yesterday on the Buzz.

  • Move over Rover and let Jimi take over!

  • Laurie McGuirk just RSVP'd for Minyans in the Mountains. So did Succo, Santoli, Saut, Shobin, DeMark, Reamer, Macke, Goepfert, Bennet, Peterson, Hanson (he's so hot right now, Hanson), Zucchi, Vitaliy, Weldon, Sanjay, Warner and the entire MVHQ squad. How bout you cookie? It's August 10-13 and it's gonna be a stone cold groove!

  • Fresh off the retest (and subsequent "hold" of CRB 320), the XAU is 1.5% higher this morning. I still think energy and metals are relative (and absolute) winners in the next-gen marketplace.

  • I didn't know Bernanke lived in Cali?

  • We don't take victory laps in the 'Ville but some stealth snaps gotta flow to Professor Katsenelson for his early December vibes on Nokia. Hoofy has phoned home with some fine profits since Red shared his vibes

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo, further to your 2:42 Buzz, check out this ten-year chart of the SPX/VXO ratio or this one of NDX/VXN--they are now at levels 50% and 30%, respectively, above where they were at the peak of the early-2000 bubble. Minyan Ben"

  • It's not just what you do, Minyans, it's how you do it and who you do it with. That's the fabric of the Minyanville experience and why I'm so excited for the journey itself.

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