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Random Thoughts


It's a wishbone tape!


  • The Nair Scare.

  • While Nazz breadth is flat, the NYSE internals are poised 3:2 positive (albeit marginally skewed by bond funds). That bodes well for Hoofy in his bid to withstand the tech probe. My humble read is that stocks are "ok for the day" although that's contingent on the breadth staying minty and the financials pacing the race.

  • Pancakes. Dolphins. Trading cards. No matter how you slice it, the game remains the same.

  • A peak peek.

  • Cisco (CSCO) chairman John Morgridge sold almost 8,000,000 shares on March 7th. And there was size trading behind him.

  • I can almost hear Fokker cringing!

  • Are Wall Street squawk boxes the next to go?

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo- I hear lots of people speaking highly of Vermont hoops - it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Syracuse laying nine seems like a steal? Minyan James." MJ- I don't know much about Vermont which, after reading this, now has me a bit concerned. As far as the 'Cuse, and as much as I'll moan that they got a 4 seed, there's a reason. They're very 'binary' and have a tendency to play to their opponent. The loss of Billy Edelin--while not discussed much--is potentially problematic depth wise. In that respect, nine seems reasonable if the refs call it tight (and the guards get in foul trouble). WITH THAT SAID, they 'seem' hungry to me as evidenced by already tasting it all (Warrick, McNamara, Worth) and not cutting down the nets at MSG. They don't call it March madness for nothin'--ya just gotta love it!

  • Elmer was on the tube talking about how "unsustainable" the entitlements and budget deficits are. You know that I agree but shouldn't his opinion matter before we've dug the hole?

  • Outer space!

  • The 20 year anniversary DVD of Hoosiers was released as the state of Indiana failed to produce a bracket team.

  • When Minyan Rick March read that Fish and I were Syracuse Zetes, he quickly pinged to say that his class founded our fraternity house in '74. Brother Rick now shares this and I, in turn, share it with you. He's a good dude and I think you'll enjoy it.

  • A not-so-happy hour.

  • Don't discount how much influence performance anxiety may have as we edge closer to quarter-end. While it remains unclear how it will manifest (long squeeze or offsides), we must respect that it's there.

  • Minyans in the Mountains?

  • Congra-a-a-a-a-a-ts!

  • It's S's over N's as we edge through the dew as Boo and his crew look to turn some more screws. The SOX slippage (-2%) is fighting the broker rippage (XBD +1%) in the battle of tell supremacy. The tie-breaker? The internals, plain and simple.

  • Please watch SOX 420 as double secret support. If it holds, the Matador Crowd will become emboldened and the performance chasers will get antsy.

  • March. Madness. Minyan. Brackets. (pw: minyans) Get involved!

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