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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Do you have a game plan for both sides of the critter adventure today?

  • Have you filled out your Minyan March Madness brackets yet?

  • If we're gonna help alotta kids by doing this, why the heck wouldn't ya?

  • So, are we churning under the numerous trendlines we broke in late February?

  • Or basing above S&P 1400 and the respective 200-day moving averages in the banks and brokers?

  • And if we breach S&P 1400, does Boo have a straight shot to the 200-day at S&P 1350?

  • Will I be rewarded for my furry posture?

  • What happens to your lap when you stand up?

  • Was there anyone out there that didn't think Goldman was gonna blow-out earnings?

  • Will you please remember that the Goldman earnings are rear-view while the mounting concerns rest ahead?

  • If Goldman spurs the equity herd, will that gap fill?

  • What if (gulp) Goldman fails?

  • Either way, doesn't a Bar Mitzvah level VXO feel like a great opportunity for married puts or stock replacements?

  • Does anyone want a steak sandwich? And a steak sandwich?

  • Will Texas Instruments weigh on tech and lead to an "S's over N's" tape?

  • James Worthy is one smooth cat, eh?

  • Is Accredited Home Lenders (LEND) the next shoe to drop?

  • Is anyone else gonna miss Yankee Stadium?

  • Does anyone wanna venture to guess who the next three snazzy Minyanville Professors are?

  • Have I mentioned that Hoofy and Boo are going Hollywood, baby?

  • Do we have "room" back to the bevy of broken dreams, er, trendlines?

  • How great are the Eagles?

  • Will the upcoming quadruple witching expiration color the action in the next few sessions, exacerbating volatility?

  • Do you have ANY idea how bittersweet it is to have your once proud institution of higher learning sitting out the big dance?

  • Or how annoying it is when everyone in the office asks if I've filled out my N.I.T bracket?

  • Will Goldenstar (GSS) and SunMicro (SUNW)-two of my long-side faves-continue to outperform?

  • If man is smart, are women smarter?

  • Isn't it amazing what a little exercise and a healthy diet can do for your mindset?

  • Do you have a game plan for both sides of the critter adventure today?

  • When's the last time you did something Joel?


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