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Random Thoughts


Come on Toddo--we're sitting at resistance!!! What are you waiting for?!?!


  • The breadth remained firm during the earlier pullback. Taken in isolation, that's bullish.

  • The dollar continues to hang tough although it's off it's highs.

  • I was walking down the street the other day and a homeless man asked me for some change. While I usually buy these people food rather than give them money, I opted to stuff a dollar in his cup. You know what he said? "What the hell am I supposed to do with a dollar?!? Give me a $20!!!" I kid you not!

  • I watched Young Frankenstein (again) last night and I remain of the humble opinion that it's one of the funniest movies of all time. THERE WOLF!

  • Emotion is the enemy when trading. What do I mean? See yesterday at noon or this morning's opening.

  • There's no hidden meaning to the critters on the right (with regards to my positions). I will always disclose if I'm involved in a stock (index) that I write about. If it says "no positions in stocks mentioned" that doesn't mean my fund doesn't have ANY positions, it only means I haven't discussed those names in the current column.

  • Hey Carly--what the...?

  • Please remember to RSVP to if you want to attend March Madness Minyanfest in NYC on the 23rd.

  • We must always appreciate the collective performance anxiety but we should strive to remove it from our process.

  • If I could have any one wish in the entire world, I'd want to spend a week with my grandfather when he was my age.

  • If you pull up an 11-day NDX chart, you'll see the importance of NDX 990-995.

  • Did too many "pundits" jump on the "we need a whoosh" thesis for it to happen?

  • This entire U.N resolution vote situation is confusing on multiple levels.

  • The FTSE ended the day up 6%--it's biggest such gain in 15 years. Where did it stop? At resistance, where it initially broke down (January lows).

  • If you feel yourself getting sucked into the Minxy emotional maelstrom? Step out and don't stress about missing a potential trade. Opportunities are made up easier than losses.

    Hey Casey, can I announce the University of Minyanville professors yet? Inquiring Minyans want to know!

  • Frozen Ring Dings are hugely underrated.

  • Hey Berko, Matty, Bucky, Junior, JJ and (oh yeah) Martin---WASABI!

  • I sleep much better naked (sans risk).

  • There are PLENTY of tradable opportunities each day if you're alert and disciplined. If my big picture fears come to fruition, there won't be much volatility in the flatliner thesis.

  • I am completely humbled by the growth of Minyanville--and it's only just begun.

  • My trading process is a step function. I view the market as a whole, then as two main sectors (S&P, NDX), then as sub-sectors (banks, retail, energy, pharma, ect. and semis, software, storage, ect.) before, finally, exploring the individual names within each group.

  • What the hell is a Hoya? A spectator after tonight!

  • If you can identify the "easy" trade each session and book 'em, Dano, why would you risk capital the rest of the day?

  • I'm having dinner with Mr. World Class Joisy next week and I'm pretty excited to shake his hand.

  • I'd rather be lucky than smart.

  • I'd rather be happy than rich.

  • Watch BAC as it trades around 67 and WMT around 49. It's where they broke and, as such, they'll be areas of resistance. Thanks Dorsey Wright!
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