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Random Thoughts


Surprisingly, there still seems to be a lot of hope in this market.


  • I continue to see size call buying in big cap tech and I continue to view that as bearish (hope).

  • If you got whipped this morning, SHAKE IT OFF! Don't let one (or two or three) bad trades ruin your whole day.

  • Why do I get the feeling that we're gonna have a big deja vu at S&P 775 and VIX 50 (ala October)?

  • Breadth 2:1 negative.

  • The escargot at Raoul's is my favorite appetizer in the city--but you've got to order it with hot bread and butter.

  • DAX down 5%, FTSE down 5%, CAC down 4%, Amsterdam down 4%--keep these moves in mind IF (when) we break OUR October lows.

  • I've been craving a lot of cheese lately, I feel like a big mouse. I wonder if that's some sorta allergy or something?

  • Selling (covering) to soon is better than selling (covering) too late.

  • March Madness baby! The best sporting event in the world!

  • The macros are standing there defending the Nazz. They're either going to be right--or very wrong.

  • If you think it's too late to short but too early to buy--why trade?

  • We're getting a lot of excellent feedback on our Minyanville merchandise. If you haven't taken a stroll through town, feel free! I mean, even Shrubby wore a faded blue athletic department tee to the gym yesterday!

  • I love what I do--but it's stressful as hell sometimes.

  • QQV (QQQ volatility measure) is down. That's not bullish.

  • I'm rolling my bear costume stop down to S&P 800, which is roughly where it was initiated. This enables me to play the downside while limiting my risk to a flat trade.

  • I always thought Sabrina was the sexiest of Charlie's Angels.

  • If you're gonna try and catch a falling knife, make sure you've got a limit on how many fingers you're willing to lose.

  • I am trying hard not to look too far ahead, but this is beginning to feel like the necessary precursor we've been discussing.

  • I am gonna cut this post here so I can get it to you in a timely fashion...I'll be back.
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