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Random Thoughts


Good luck Minyans!


  • Chip Shtick! For all you Intel (INTC) players--and there are alotta ya--please note the upside gap (from last July). It'll "fill" at $26 and Boo is standing there lickin' his chops.

  • A toilet tax?

  • S&P 1210-1215 is the initial resistance for Hoofy and Snapper. S&P 1195-1200 is support.

  • Insider sellin' at NVIDIA (NVDA). So ya know...

  • The metals continue to act spiffy. We eyed gold $4328 and silver $7 a few weeks ago and they remain the foothold underneath.

  • Follow-up on the Mo Rivera rumors.

  • We saw a LOT of selling/shorting in the energy space yesterday. While there is certainly room on the downside (in the context of a longer-term secular uptrend), funds will likely defend the group into quarter-end.

  • McChicken Chow Mein?

  • Red SOX on a "good" Intel (INTC)? Good (not great) news is bearish in an extended tape (sector) while bad news (not horrid) is bullish in an oversold tape (sector). SOX 420 remains 'the' line in the sand. As an aside, why are mainstream media outlets still reporting that Intel (INTC) is leading a chip rally this morning?

  • Hey Fish--what's the official launch for Minyanvision? I know that Macke is ready, particularly after he and Minyan Dylan Ratigan wrap up Bullseye tonight!

  • The short-term S&P chart looks to be working on the right shoulder of some dicey dandruff.

  • Pluto? Uranus!

  • Kelly Leak? He's a bad motha!

  • Breadth flipped the Red Dye switch although the bunk bonds (-22/32) are skewing the pooh.

  • Yeah, Minyanvision is in the works. Every morning, Fokker is gonna run up to Hoofy and Boo screaming, "look guys, ze plen, ze plen!"

  • Digitimes talkin' bad MOBO's.

  • Byron Hadley!

  • According to U.S. military commanders are warning Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that tensions between Iran and the United States are heading toward a breaking point and that there could be a major clash between the two militaries. The commanders said U.S. and Iranian troops are becoming closer along the Iranian-Iraqi border and that U.S. aircraft have been moving in and out of Iran while Teheran seeks to bolster its air defense forces. Some commanders are urging the Pentagon to prepare for the prospect of a brief but intense war with Iran.

  • The CBOE Put/Call ratio (all products) was 0.97 on Wednesday and 1.01 yesterday. The Index Put/Call ratio was 1.97 on Wednesday and 2.18 yesterday.

  • Bring on the Huskies!

  • If you're not reading the Iron Horse, you're not seeing the full picture.

  • Where would the Minx have to be before the VXO gets back into the 20's?

  • Please see the action in the rate sensitive issues (particularly the BKX and XBD).

  • Speaking of Duke & Duke, lotsa brokers report next week. They won't respond to what was, they'll trade as a function of what will be.

  • I'm off like a prom dress at high noon so fare ye well and have a peaceful weekend. There are some "excellent" things happening in the 'Ville and you'll watch 'em unfold right alongside me. Trade smart, follow your tells and-above all else-think positive. It all starts within!

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