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Random Thoughts


This aint so bad!


  • Was I too quick to toss the bull costume back in the closet? Maybe, but I've always had a premature evacuation problem on the long side--it's likely a function of my big picture concerns.

  • IF the market can garner some jig, S&P 820 and 830 will serve as resistance zones.

  • My comment yesterday regarding my hatred of hunting was geared towards the "sport." I understand that there are people out there who hunt for food and to support their family. I'm not a hypocritical vegetarian--I just don't think putting Rudolph in the crosshairs is my idea of fun.

  • Are you bullish...I mean bearish...I mean bullish...I mean bearish? Take a step back and reset your bearings before you get whipped.

  • BBC is reporting that an agreement regarding compensation for relatives of those killed in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing is near. There were a lot of Syracuse students on Pan Am flight 103 including my fraternity brother Alex Lowenstein. What's taken so long?

  • The banks, while off their worst levels, continue to weigh on the collective psychology.

  • A buyer of SPY walked into the pit and "took" a million--and the tape barely budged (indicative of supply in the street).

  • Robert Hunter live at the town hall theater a week from tonight. Psyched! He played an acoustic Box of Rain at the Dead show a few months back and it gave me goose bumps.

  • If we're gonna play tactically and trade tighter, we WILL miss moves at times. The ability to remove performance anxiety from the process is a critical element of success.

  • I saw the layout for the University of Minyanville last night and to say that I'm excited would be a gross understatement. Casey, Tony and I are working diligently to get this product launched as soon as possible. As soon as she gives me the nod, I'll gladly announce the lineup of visiting professors.

  • It takes a lot of effort to make a little money and little effort to lose a lot of money. That's why you can never let your guard down.

  • I continue to believe that the ability of the U.N and the U.S to get on the same page is the single biggest issue from a market perspective.

  • The dollar starting to slip a bit.

  • 10% of all proceeds from Harrison's Department Store will be donated by Minyanville to The Ruby Foundation for Children's Education.

  • It was the Dukes, it was the Dukes!

  • Note the intraday trendline forming in the BKX.

  • If the economy is dependent on the consumer, the economy has some serious issues.

  • One of the hardest things to do, when trading, is to maintain a level of intensity while doing less.

  • One of my biggest faults---and I have many--is that I'm too hard on myself.

  • I feel closer to my grandfather than I ever did while he was alive--and I was VERY close to him then.

  • Until proven otherwise, the burden of proof is on the bulls.

  • Is S&P 725 too bearish of a level for the bullish phase to begin?

  • If you're at a big firm and you think Minyanville adds value, please send out an email blast telling your colleagues about our site. I would consider it a huge favor and it would help us out tremendously.

  • Banks.

  • I'm getting close to needing one of my annual Arizona retreats for some spiritual refocusing.

  • The Lehman Global Services Conference, Deutsche Bank Info Tech Fete and Solly Industrial show continue today and I've heard nada, zilch, zippo from them.

  • On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you? What will it take to raise the bar? (If you say money, I'm gonna flog you).

  • Were the issues discussed in this morning's opening piece sobering? Yes--but ignoring them won't make it go away.

  • MJ looked pretty good for an old man in Sunday's Garden finale.

  • Will I look to reshort FNM at a point? Yes--but I'm wondering how crowded the short side is after yesterday's dive from the Poole.

  • If we ever found the preverbal table we keep leaving money on, we'd be rich!

  • Adapt your style to the market.

  • Next to the critter's own brand, rainbow cookies are my all-time fave.

  • When you don't want to take a vacation, chances are that's when you need it most.

  • I still think the brokers will all be teenagers by the time the grizzly is done.

  • When will the carnage in the airlines (transports) really start to matter.

  • Ho-hum, another day, another 2% clippage in the German DAX. Wow.

  • Please remember to RSVP to for the NYC March Madness Minyanfest on the 23rd. We'll announce the location later this week but know that it'll be a sports bar/pool hall in the city. And remember, please, there will be no market talk--it's on a Sunday--this is simply a forum to chill, have a brew, drink some wings and watch some hoops.

  • Is Carmelo Anthony better than LeBron James?

  • Yes, I think the N's over S's disparity will regress.

  • Sweeeeeeeeeein!
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