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Random Thoughts


Capital preservation is an important component of ANY investment strategy.


  • Perception is reality on Wall Street. Financial derivatives (and their potential potency) aren't new--Buffett and Poole put them in the trading radar and NOW concerns are getting "loud."

  • When the market makes her rally attempt, watch the breadth and banks for signs of relative traction. If they can't lift with the futures, that's a danger sign.

  • Charles Oakley was my favorite Knick.

  • I hate the entire concept of hunting. I know, it "serves a purpose" but shooting animals isn't my idea of a game.

  • Big picture, I continue to feel that the financials, retail and gaming stocks have the most risk. That's not a trading call--it's simply one Minyan's humble opinion.

  • Alright Fish, we've got a duece for Friday's Big East semi-finals. Now all we need is for Syracuse to get there!

  • A handful of firms have come out and defended FNM and FRE--if they can't garner some jig on that, it's an indication of supply in the street. Watch this tell.

  • The FTSE was the last major overseas market to hold above the recent lows. Not anymore.

  • Watch our support zones as we begin to slip here.

  • Boo keeps buggin' me to put on the bear suit and I don't disagree--I've got that nasty feeling in my trading bones again. Still, I'm looking for a better entry point and if I don't get it, I understand that opportunities are made up easier than losses. I've got marginal short side exposure on and I know better than to complain--negative energy has no place in our process.

  • I have my best thoughts in the bathroom.

  • Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

  • Why does it feel so good to clean your ears with Q-tips?

  • I still don't think that the fear of losing is more prevalent than the fear of missing. When that dynamic shifts, it'll be time to start poking around for (defined) long side exposure.

  • Solly kicks off their Industrial Manufacturing Conference tomorrow.

  • Please remember to RSVP to if you plan on swinging by our March Madness Minyanfest in NYC on the 23rd.

  • I talked myself out of shorting Friday's close. I had decent conviction that the action was textbook scared bear short covering but, when push came to shove, I couldn't justify significant exposure with so many unknowns out there. Am I bummed? Kinda sorta but not really. I know that the mechanics of the swing are more important than the results of the at bat and that discipline will save/make me money over time.

  • Pop Quiz--What's my middle name? First right answer sent to gets a free Minyanville Tee--and Adam, you're not allowed to play!

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