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Random Thoughts


Watch the breadth for any signs of slippage.

  • Greenspeak?

  • I was talking to a trader friend who opined that his sell-side path was a trip to "Nowheresville." I told him to take the high road and meet me in Minyanville. It's entirely less crowded and boasts a much better view.

  • I've still got the SunMicro (long stock) vs. IBM (long put) thing going. The former is a longer-term thang while the latter is a dandruff trade (with a stop above the 200-day/right shoulder). Big Blue traded funky out of the gate after closing at resistance. The tape may lend a bid to this pup but IF (big if) the Minx softens; it seems that supply is floating around.

  • Emmanuelle assures me that this season's Entourage is gonna be weekly water cooler discussion. I tried to spy some of the plot for ye faithful but she knows me all too well.

  • While January was a banner month for many funds, February served as a rude wake up call. My feedback from the sell-side? A) Commissions have picked up as a function of volatility and B) Alotta hedges were unwound over the last week or so.

  • Critters anyone?

  • While I'm still long a spate of puts in select financials, the token sales (when they were off 3%) takes a little pressure off. Funny how discipline does that, eh?

  • Answers I Really Wanna Know...

    • Do you see Nazz internals joining their big board breathren (2:1)?

    • Do you see the drillers flip the Red Dye switch?

    • Does Citigroup have room to $48? General Electric to $35?

    • Just how serious is this Bird Flu thing?

    • Are speed reading books self defeating?

    • What if there isn't a method to the madness?

    • If you're "option savvy," are you using these low vols to your advantage?

    • How many people are still playing the Google S&P add?

    • Are you aware that alotta folks are anxiously awaiting this 1pm bond auction?

    • Are we having fun yet?

  • If you saw this picture hanging in Pledge Spider's locker, would you say anything?

  • Professor Fleckenstein highlighted his thoughts on 3COM recently. I can't help but think of his similar take on AMD a few years back (when it was "hated" by the Street).

  • Keep an eye on Google and Yahoo! as they dip into Red Dye.

  • If you would like to set up your firm or university with a gratis trial--much like we've done for the likes of Smith Barney and Georgetown--please give us a ping and we'll take it from there.

  • This sucks!

  • The Homies are ticklin' resistance at HGX 260. I was noodlin' the notion of downside puts (with tight stops) but the twisty (oversold) stochastics gave pause to Boo's cause.

  • Please note that the NDX has effectively filled the technical gap created by last Friday's (lower) opening.

  • Wayne's World?

  • Minyan Poll: What say ye faithful regarding Rod David's content on the Buzz?

  • A Minyan pinged me to say "Five years ago, you opined that the opposite of love isn't hate--it's apathy. But isn't VXO 12 apathetic by definition? What if this is the 'other side of the bubble' you used to refer to?" Perhaps, although I will offer that 'my' definition of apathy is disinterest (ala early '70's).


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position in SUNW, IBM, financials
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