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Random Thoughts


Talk about a slither!


  • For those who missed Scotto's non-market related post on Thursday, please take a read and give some thought on how we can help him. It is, in many ways, what Minyanville is all about.

  • Vols once again paused at VXO 18ish.

  • My favorite Fokker Mini-Me nickname candidates thus far: Geez, Greggy Greg, Gregger, G-love, G-Money, G-Spot, Gee-I wish I wasn't so short, Mini-G, Scooter, Skippy, Squirt, Meat, Flounder, Gilligan, Blue Thunder, Fokky, Forrest, Dharma, Grog, gerG, Grungra Din, the Hammer, Hansel and Igor (it's EYE-gore).

  • Do you think the Fed is studying bubbles past?

  • I agree that the Janet nipplerama was in poor taste and probably crossed the line. Let it go though...we've got American kids dying overseas, a half a trillion dollar deficit, terrorism, health care reform, poverty, bird flu, racism and many other issues worthy of our collective energy. Let's keep our eye on the ball.

  • S&P 1142 and NDX 1500 continue to act as initial resistance. S&P 1150 and NDX 1515 are still "next" resistance. And, of course, S&P 1115-1120 and NDX 1450 are still support. Prices haven't changed and neither have the technical levels.

  • I've started Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I like books that make you think outside the box.

  • The breadth and brokers are keeping Boo at bay.

  • Starting next week, the entire Minyan experience will drastically shift to enhance the user experience. Longer market commentary and daily journals will be in the News and Views section. Quick, dynamic time sensitive insights will filter into the Buzz & Banter tool. And, of course, the elementary school and University will offer educational lessons for those looking to further their understanding of the financial process. It's all very exciting.

  • "Well, when I see five weirdos dressed in togas, stabbing a man in the middle of the park in front of a full view of 100 people, I shoot the bastards, that's my policy!" That was a Shakespeare In The Park Production of Julius Caesar, you moron! You killed five actors! Good ones! (Naked Gun)

  • The chatter on the Street--and as I'm sure you can tell from looking at the stock price--is that Dell (DELL:NASD) isn't gonna be thrilling when they report Thursday. That isn't advice--we don't do that here--it's just something to monitor as we get closer to the report.

  • A hedgie friend of mine sat with me on Thursday night and passed along the view from someone who I greatly respect in the trading world. This guy, so you know, made a fortune--a FORTUNE--when Japan popped so I don't consider him to be a rah rah type of guy. His thoughts on the tape? That we're in the midst of a bubble that will dwarf the last bubble. "It's the ultimate contrarian view," he offered, "as virtually nobody in existence believes it can happen." Count me among the doubters, Minyans, but this fellow has earned the right to be mentioned in this space.

  • Six minute abs.

  • Is dandruff forming in the SOX?

  • Alright, I attended my first rodeo this past weekend and I have to be honest--I was rooting for the calf. I AM a tree hugger!

  • I read a story recently about a guy who received a credit card application and filled it out....for his dog. Across the front of the application, he wrote in big letters "THIS IS A DOG!" Two weeks later, Fido received a credit card, in his name, with a $1000 pre-approved limit. And you wonder why I continually discuss the debt bubble?

  • Dean Keaton... gone clean huh? Say it ain't so.

  • It's really crazy...Random Thoughts lags and my mailbox fills up with angry Minyans. I guess that's a good thing?

  • If you try to squeeze water from the trading stone, it's the quickest way to lose money.

  • Yes, the NDX held right at its 50-day Friday. No, I don't think it'll hold the next time.

  • This tape is all Sammy so far.

  • Support your local critter!
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