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More Random Thoughts!


Mark my words--I'll be back!


  • A senior investment manager--with completely benevolent intentions--suggested I tone my content down such that I can attract the 55-and old crowd. As such, there will be no more jokes, lyrics, pop culture references, dark humor, sarcasm, inside jokes or critters from here on out. NOT!

  • Crude north of $35. That's nutty, Austin!

  • Terror fears, melty market, corporate muck, looming war...and gold is down. Hmm...

  • In New York's Central Park, 30 women staged an anti-war protest this morning by shedding their clothes and lying down in the snow, arranging themselves so that their bodies spelled out the words "No Bush." I wouldn't make this up!

  • MO & RJR were cleared in the California smoker suit. There are smokers in California?

  • Could you imagine the volume if the hedgies weren't playing hot potato?

  • I am genuinely scared for this world...and I'm not even talking about the market.

  • No two zebras have the same markings.

  • Earnings next week include AET, BP, CVC, AMAT, PRU, KO, COX, VIA, MAY, ADI, DELL and BMY.

  • Fokker keeps coughing and sneezing and I think he wants me to give him the weekend off. Hey kid, produce a corpse and I'll release Sloane!

  • Just once, I'd like to see a "pundit" get on t.v and say "Hey, I was wrong and I'm sorry if I've cost anybody money."

  • Do I wish I added a bear appendage when I had that funny feeling this morning? Sure...but if I spent the day looking back, I would have missed a lot of good opportunities.

  • The economic calendar is back end loaded next week with Retail sales and jobless claims on Thursday and Biz inventories, industrial production, capacity utilization and the wolverine sentiment index on Friday.

  • Is it me or has this been a particularly long week?

  • The Bank of America Tech fete kicks off Tuesday.

  • There are 92 known cases of nuclear bombs lost at sea.

  • Lappy, don't forget the beano.
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