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Random Thoughts


If one more person says I look like Michael Jackson, there's gonna be some MAD COW DISEASE!


  • Is Michael Jackson fit to be a father? That's not for me to decide. Would I let him around my niece and nephew? Not on a bet!

  • The N's have been outperforming the S's of late. A smart guy I know is looking for a regression to the mean.

  • The internals don't support a Snapper.

  • When possums are playing 'possum', they are not 'playing'. They actually pass out from sheer terror.

  • If you haven't read Tony's piece yesterday, I highly recommend it. If you already have, I'd read it again--I did.

  • When the Statue of Liberty was overhauled over 600 pounds of gum were removed.

  • This is a great trading tape if you're seeing the ball. This is your worst nightmare if you're a half a step slow.

  • The biotechs are showing signs of dryness (they don't go down with a heavy tape). Why? They're SO oversold.

  • Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.

  • Were my comments regarding terrorist cells in this morning's opening piece "chicken little?" I hope so with every ounce of my soul.

  • Why won't the VIX spike? When you see it up 5, wake me up.

  • A reader suggested that the lack of volume and absence of buyers infers apathy. I humbly disagree. As long as there's love OR hate, there's still emotion in the market.

  • When the financials FINALLY rally and there's fresh hope in the group, I'm gonna look to get more aggressive on the short side. The most vulnerable in my (humble) opinion? GS and FNM.

  • Tommy Carden just called me a sissy for not playing a snapper. I'd rather be a disciplined sissy than a reckless bigshot. (That's not a shot Tommy--I love ya).

  • If you're bearish, you can play short using an S&P 840ish stop. If you're bullish, you can play long using an NDX 960 stop.

  • If you can identify the "easy" trade each day (and trade tactically) and then maintain the discipline to do less, you can grind out a decent living in this market.

  • Almonds are a member of the peach family

  • I miss the little things about my grandfather--his cologne, holding his hand, the way he laughed, the sound his "old school" bracelet made when it jingled and, most of all, the way he looked at my grandmother.

  • I've got another investor lunch meeting you know and if you care (my posts may lag).

  • Cameron Crowe is living proof that you can reach superstardom and maintain humility and perspective.

  • The intra-day stochastics haven't given a sell signal all day (yet)...and this latest (light volume) lift is locals covering their shorts.

  • Are you affiliated with a leaning or financial institution, please help us spread the Minyan word. If every college student told their investment club and every trader/broker flashed their firm, I'd consider it a personal favor!
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