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Belly Check


Where's the love?

PrintPRINT I say it, Sam Kinnison? Do I saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?!? Ok, I will--I can't shake the sense that they're gonna smack 'em to the downside (at least once) and test the conviction of the bulls. I'm only playing it small--so take it for what it's worth--but I wanted to pass it along.

I think the breadth is the most important tell of the day and the financials are a close second. I'm keying off Citigroup in that complex, so you know, and keeping my right hand close to my chin. Yes, we're oversold and coiled. Yes, the economic numbers were better on the margin and yes, I was fading the selloff yesterday at this time. Something just doesn't feel right to me, though, and I can't put my finger on it.

Speaking of 'not feeling right,' does anybody else think that spin classes are a pain in the ass? I took one this morning (that's two gym stops in 10 hours, Mon Frere) and I'm having a hard time sitting still!

Hope this finds you well.
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