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Bush Whacker!


Exsqueeze me?!?


A blurb flies across the wires the Dubya is gonna hold a 4:30 press conference regarding Iraq and the nervous nellies are starting to get loud. I added my bull appendage right around here and, at the risk of being called a baby pea shooter, I'm wanna listen to our President without any risk on.

As such, and as I always want my posture to reflect my book, I'm slippin' out of the bull costume for a nuttin' trade. I'm intrigued by the upside (we're coiled) and conscious of the downside (we're broken)--but rather than coss toins, I'm going to practice what I preach.

Can the speech be bullish? Sure...perhaps the Germans climbed on board and Dubya's gonna push it. Still, I don't have a high enough conviction to warrant risking my hard earned money and I've gotta be consistent. Tomorrow's a new day, fresh with opportunities, and if we're going to be tactical, these have to be my tactics.

I'm gonna jump so I can get this out to you in a timely fashion. If i don't circle back before I go to the gym (really!), lemme take this time to say WASABI!

Have a peaceful night.

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