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Random Thoughts


Fear the Turtle!


  • Is the Texas two-step into the bull suit too cute? Maybe--but the tape felt a little "pressy" when we broke S&P 840 and critical support zones typically aren't taken out when we're this oversold. Still, rather than use lower prices to scale into longs, I'd rather define my risk (via the stop).

  • Full disclosure: I never made it to the gym last night--I was at my desk until 9 and then went straight to my buddies birthday dinner. Hey Lionel--do you remember proposing to your girl last night?

  • Signs of dryness: telecom, semis, retailers, transports. Signs of heavy hands: Citigroup, cycicals, energy.

  • The internals need to improve soon...the longer we "sit" under support, the more likely the path of least resistance in the afternoon is down.

  • Another quiz? Why not! What are the names of my two Abyssinian cats? First right answer gets their choice of a free Minyanville Tee! Send your (one) guess to . Good luck!

  • Acorns are poisonous to humans, and, if eaten, will cause kidney damage.

  • Is this a bull trap...or a bear trap?

  • At last count, there were about 226,000 trees in New York's Central Park.

  • Upvolume/downvolume on the Nazz is 2:1 positive!

  • Will a rally here change my big picture beliefs? No--there's a difference between a nuance trade and a cycle's all the time horizon.

  • Tony's piece this morning was one of the best articles I've seen on this site.

  • If a Viagra gets caught in your throat, will you get a stiff neck?

  • IF Snapper and Hoofy can muster some jig, I plan on rolling my stop up with the tape.

  • Do I think gold is too extended? For a trade, yes...but I have no edge per se.

  • Giddy up!

  • More germs are transferred shaking hands than kissing. Quick! Somebody tell Kim Dispigna!

  • N's over S's...N's over S's...N's over S's. Got it?

  • Joe Satriani is the greatest guitarist nobody knows.

  • Is there a chance we eventually slip into a depression? Yes.

  • Don't shoot the messenger!

  • Spending time with friends is the greatest cure for a bear market.

  • I've made an executive decision--Fokker stays. God help him!

  • This tape could get squeezed more than a case of charmin!

  • I've got a lunch meeting with an investor so I'll be off the desk for a bit--so you know

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