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Random Thoughts


Keep it up Toddo...the more people don't believe, the farther it's gonna go!


  • Watch the SOX--it continues to tickle resistance at 280.

  • Camel's hair brushes are not made of camel's hair. They were invented by a man named Mr Camel.

  • Whenever you have coiling stochastics (bullish) like you do now, you're dancing along a fine line if you're playing the other way (bearish). However, these tools have the potential to pretzel twist for a while before kicking in (see July). The longer they twist, the more vicious the move the other way...but timing is everything.

  • Big Mitch from Bloomberg is bringing in Smith & Wollensky's for lunch. Please don't tell Daisy!

  • How does the tape feel? Firm. Why, then am I scaling (once again) into my bear costume? Because I'm looking to use prices as an opportunity.

  • It is estimated that the average person living in North America opens the fridge 22 times daily. Hey...I've always considered myself above average!

  • Why am I keying off the S&P? Because it's the most "keyable" right now. At different times, different sectors will lead. While many of my groups are lining up the same way, this complex is the most obvious.

  • The specter of war clearly concerns me. The potential for terrorist cells to "wake up" when/if we attack Iraq scares the sprinkles out of me.

  • What instrument am I using right now? S&P puts, among others.

  • Elmo tells me that the macros are trading the dollar and using stocks as a hedging vehicle. Interesting.

  • Barbie and Ken dolls are named after Mattell founders Ruth and Elliot Handler's son and daughter, Barbara and Ken.

  • Hoofy and Boo dolls are named after Toddo's freaky metaphorical representations of his thought process.

  • I've never owned a hair brush in my entire life. Maybe that's why my fraternity pledge name was Spooge. (Don't tell anyone).

  • In the year ahead, the ability not to trade is going to be as valuable as our trading ability.

  • Cashews are underrated.

  • As a function of the current field position, I prefer to fade rallies (higher) rather than press sell-offs.

  • Now that we've got the online solution in our rear-view mirror, the Minyan chieftains are going to focus on the University!

  • Too scared to short 'em and too smart to buy 'em? You don't HAVE to do either.

  • In the 14th century the Black Death killed 75,000,000 people. It was carried by fleas on the black rat. RATS!

  • S's over N's.

  • What's up? A chicken's ass when it eats!

  • Will an 'up' tape embolden the bulls by showing that the market doesn't go don on bad news? It may...but remember, today's trading is very crowded.
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