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More Random Thoughts!


The NYSE internals have been on fire wire-to-wire


  • Phoenix rising!

  • We've seen a spate of index put buying today. That is bullish on the margin.

  • NDX breadth slowly abating while the old school is sticky green. See the gap above NDX 1535.

  • The Texas two-step!

  • These homies (HGX +3.5%) are administering an equity enema to Boo's crew.

  • The fixed income feeding frenzy continues on the heels of Beeks' tweak.

  • Oh baby!

  • When Hoofy is on a diet, does he drink skim milk?

  • RIP Dean Wormer.

  • Note the dollar as it trades to session highs (DXY 84.40).

  • Gold Opera.

  • Boiler rooms with a view.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "A slick way to outfigure a person is to get him figuring you figure he's figuring you're figuring he'll figure you aren't really figuring what you want him to figure you figure." --"Whitey" Herzog. Toddo, this may be outfiguring the people outfiguring but if the jobs number adjusted for the birth/date rate is closer to 400,000, wouldn't that mean the fed should raise rates NOT keep them the same? Minyan Sean Michael Mueller."

  • Cookie!

  • Is John Thain looking at the same tape we are?

  • While gold continues to hold the 200-day (for now), the action in the dollar--and the continued lethargy in the metals--may be signaling that the reflation effort is faltering. Keep that in the back of your mind if you're playing for a breakout through S&P 1196.

  • Shooter?

  • Weekends with Bernie.

  • I'm officially in fume mode but there will be no Friday night face plant for yours truly. My brother Adam is up from Baltimore and, as he's never experienced Rosa Mexicana, I must act as a pommegranite ambassador. It's only right.

  • The content proposition has been a bit lax of late as I try to fit four jobs into one day. That'll abate in a week or so and I'll be back to my old self (with only three jobs).

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