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Quick and Dirty Blurbage


Let the games begin!


  • Beeks Alert! Factory orders (exp. .2%) and the I to the ISM non-manufacturing survey (exp. 60) will hit the tape at 10:00am.

  • Please take the time to read the "Wall Street High Life" article on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal. Deja Boo.

  • The VXO volatility (fear) index has struggled repeatedly at 18 (currently 17.06). If it breaches that level, we may get ourselves a flurry in a hurry.

  • Watch the dollar in front of this weekend's G7 meeting.

  • Bill Maher is starting to grow on me.

  • We've seen instances throughout this past year when blue chip bellwethers cracked and the tape brushed it off. Alotta folks will be watching the broader averages today for signs of the same.

  • The financials remain the single most important sector. They're the horse to the minxy cart.

  • Brian's analysis of the corporate bond market is massively value added.

  • Volume dropped on the NYSE for the third consecutive session yesterday.

  • Watch SOX 500 for potential turtles.

  • While NDX 1450 (cash) is strong support, please know that the Nazz futures will break the December uptrend below 1486.

  • Major resistance (support) areas are typically tested multiple times before either breaking through or failing. That would argue for a retry of S&P 1150.

  • We're beta testing Buzz & Banter and I gotta tell ya--it's gonna turn the 'Ville on its ear!

  • Hump Day Sashimifest. Shoes off!

  • If you're cossing toins, take a step back and await a discernable edge.

  • The London FTSE is now flat.
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