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Vegas, Baby!


I just LOVE discipline Toddo--it makes me want to kiss you right on the nose!


Let me tell you something, Mike. You're money, and you know what else? You're a big winner. I'm gonna ask you a simple question: who's the big winner tonight in the casino? Mikey, that's who. Mikey's the big winner.

--Trent Walker, Swingers

For those of you who are feeling like a little bunny under the Minxy claws of the market, I have one thing to say--ENOUGH! Snap out of it! It's starts right here, right now! Profitable trading can only be achieved with a proactive mindset and you won't think clearly if your mired in self-pity. Bad trades? They happen. Losses? Part of the game. Feeling sorry for yourself? Not on my watch!

Take a deep breath, splash some water on your face, play with your dog--do whatever it takes to stem the bleeding. We've got two VERY important catalysts in front of us and you'll need to be tip top, schnitz hot and second to none (sir) if you'll to tap your enormous potential. I'm not telling you to close your eyes and take a blind shot, mind you...I'm imploring you to think long and hard about your relative edge, risk parameters and what you can afford to lose. Expect the best...but prepare for the worst.

Aside from the all-important Cisco kid, we'll also hear from BSX, CSC, APCC and CAKE (so good) tonight. In addition, Hump Day promises to be one of the nuttier sessions in recent memory. ROOM, LIN, MGM, FON, PCS and BUD (ect) all report pre-opening, the ISM non-manufacturing hits the tape at 10am (exp. 54) and Colin takes center stage at 10:30am. Finally,lest we forget, the conference schedules kicks into full gear with the TWPT tech fete (MRVL, ADCT, INTC, ADBE, CIEN, LRCX, RFMD, JNPR, TECD), the Lehman Industrial party (MMM, LMT, GE, MYG), the Goldman transport flyer (BNI, FDX, ROAD, CSX, UPS, UNP) and the two healthcare appointments.

For my part, and as a function of the unknowns, I'm going to humbly slip out of my metaphorical bear costume between now and the closing bell. I know these little schnitzels aren't the most exciting trades of all-time but my goal is to hit for average, not power. I would normally keep my leg in the fur and hop home but we've got a handful of huge catalysts and I'm gonna book it, Dano. This way, I can come in fresh, naked and ready to play!

Meanwhile, in what can only be described as temporary insanity, Fokker just goofed in a big way. I never wear shoes in the office (old superstition) and as I was walking back to my desk, I jammed my toe into the leg of my couch (hard!). As I was limping about in obvious pain, Greg RN started giggling uncontrollably. Uhh...will somebody please explain to the kid the mechanics of office etiquette? You're gonna have to wait though--I sent him to my apartment to clean out the cat litter!

Have a peaceful night.
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