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Hit it Run!


Good luck into the close!


People in the world tryin to make ends meet
You try to ride car, train, bus, or feet
I said you got to work hard, you want to compete
It's like that, and that's the way it is


Alright, I know Minyanville is all about the metaphorical imagery but this is gettin' a little ill. Hoofy just bounced into my office wearing a green 'do rag, unlaced Adidas and enough bling bling to blind a cat. "What up, T?" Uh, not much playa--Snapper is trying to get drizzam but he keeps gettin' beat down. Now, with Chambro set to rap out, the whole 'hood is posing and posturing. Be-atch!

Yes, I may be losing my mind but please, Minyans, don't lose yours. The decisions you make into the close will make the overnight bed you'll have to lie in. Is it all about Cisco (CSCO:NASD)? Well, initially it is...but by this time tomorrow, the A.D.D crowd will have already shifted their focus to Mr.Beeks and the looming payroll data. Also, lest we forget, there's an entire world out there and any hints at further terrorism (bit my tongue) likely won't be brushed off as easily.

The NDX has spent the last five sessions jammin' in a zone (1480-1500) and the zillion dollar question is whether it's basing or churning. A quick peek of the semi stochastics argues for the former although, to be consistent, there is alotta optimism priced into current levels. Until NDX 1450 is breached, however, the dip shtick will likely remain good and thick.

On the big board, keep a quarter eye on the cyclicals. They, too, are close to stochastic buy signals and approaching both the CYC trendline (from March) and 50-day moving average. The financials are the other tell tale complex as they keep bumping their keppe at the psychologically important BKX 1000. Between that and S&P 1150, we have our upside lines in the sand.

Finally, thanks again for your patience as we edge closer to the February 16th monster launch. I've been overwhelmed, to say the least, but I'm confident that you'll understand why once you see the results. Buzz & Banter will allow for a continual stream of insights and observations and News & Views will get some fresh mojo. All good things in all good time, my friends, but remember to enjoy the journey. For by the time you reach the destination, the ride will have already ended.

Have a peaceful night.
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