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More Random Thoughts!


Bill on the hill!


  • Why do your feet smell while your nose runs?

  • Someone is buying the schnitz out of QQQ February 36 puts (15,000). I'm not certain if it's an opening or closing transaction.

  • One of the hardest things to do when trading is the removal of emotion. It's human tendency to "hope" when positioned a certain way. However, as we've learned (both ways), hope isn't a viable investment vehicle.

  • There is a genius behind Uncle Buck--you just gotta "see it."

  • I heard that Elmer is going to star in Lost in Translation 2

  • I don't understand why everyone is upset about Janet...TVs are called boob tubes!

  • Snapper is giving it the 'ol college try but, thus far, the breadth isn't confirming the upside.

  • What's the right way to look at the Cisco (CSCO:NASD) field position? The stock is up from the teens in late October but (almost straight) down from near 30 few weeks ago.

  • If I guy owns sheep in Berlin, is he considered a German Shepherd?

  • There is a massive battle going in the semis. The winner will likely dictate the next step of the war.

  • NDX 1480 is shaping up as a near term support. Why? It's been an area of demand for the last week.

  • And to think, only 10% of my Random Thoughts actually make it out of my head.

  • More stocks, less ETF's.

  • Boy, these gold stocks sure do trade heavy.

  • Amazon (AMZN:NASD) is heavy, Betty, and is now a kitten's whisker away from the 200-day moving average.

  • Wasabi Berko?

  • We've got two new technicians set to join the Minyanville family. I'm sure you'll find them value added.

  • The VXO (volatility index) is up 22% in the last six trading sessions. (right after we flagged the big buyers of "vol"). For what it's worth, this measure of fear has had "issues" near the 18 level (currently 17.34).

  • Jerry!

  • The transports have become a pretty nutty group.

  • I still "think" a crisis of confidence will eventually prick the psychology bubble.

  • Fleckmo and Succo are both fighting the flu.

  • The chatter in the hedgie community isn't whether Cisco (CSCO:NASD) will be good, it's whether it will be "good enough." "Whispers" are as high as .19, fyi.

  • Eleven months ago, Ricin in a US Senate building would trigger massive anxiety. Now, it's nary a blip. A sign of a strong tape or an indication of just how complacent the tape has become?

  • Do you think Bill is psyched about the prospect of him being the "first man?"

  • Money continues to rotate from the cyclicals to the consumers.
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