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Random Thoughts


Hey those financials for cryin' out loud! If they lose their bid, I'm gonna lose my shirt!


  • The settings on my stochastics is: k=21, d=9 and I use a 5-minute and a 240-minute. Alright shooter?

  • If you registered for a passport by phone, please take the time to fill out the registration form online. Thanks!

  • Specialty pharma trades heavy.

  • Watch KLAC here...semicaps are a real tug-o-war.

  • I can not tell a lie--I not only fell off my no-carb diet, I crashed off my no-carb diet. It was ugly!

  • If the market rips higher, I'll surely feel like a dope (for dancing with Boo). However, as long as I act in a manner consistent with my view while employing failsafes in my approach, there will be no looking back.

  • With that said, the difference between mistakes and lessons is the ability to learn from past experiences.

  • Do you think Greg had a secret crush on Marsha?

  • Watch this pattern of higher lows and higher highs on the two-day S&P and NDX charts. As long as it continues, it's constructive. As soon as it makes a lower low, technicians are gonna scoot.

  • The term 'G-Spot' was coined by Ernest Grafenberg in 1950.

  • Watch the BKX!

  • I'm hearing that Cisco is going to guide "flat." I'm not involved, but I've heard it--and now you have too!

  • What will cure the market's ailments? Time, Mon Frere, and lots of it.

  • I'm not hearing anything actionable out of these conferences. Shocker!

  • In a survey conducted by a women's magazine; 70 percent of female respondents said they would rather have chocolate than sex. My take? They're dating the wrong men!

  • Did I mention the importance of the banks?

  • Today is my mom's actual birthday. Happy 45th Carole! ;-)

  • I heard the FTSE chatter late Friday and failed to pass it along. Mea culpa.

  • Martha Fokker?!?!

  • Not seeing much in the way of flow. As so as I do, you will.

  • There's a subtle difference between churning and basing, but the implications are polar opposites.

  • It's almost noon and my systems still aren't at 100% (hint).

  • The NDX neckline resides around 970.

  • There is a difference between market strategy and trading tactics. I plan on communicating the former while using more real-time examples of the latter.

  • What the heck has gotten into LL Cool J? He looks like he spends 12 hrs/day in the gym!

  • We've put a lot of elbow grease into Minyanville and the overwhelming response today is proof that it was well worth the effort. I'm not talking about dollars and cents, mind you...I'm talking about the entire concept of financial infotainment and education. We dared to dream and our dreams are coming true. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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