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For the Love of Children!




I've been on this earth for 33 years. I've seen many wonderful things and experienced horrible times that taught me perspective. I've felt the love of family, the gift of friendship and the honor of Minyanship. I've been blessed with new relationships and I've said goodbye to close friends.

However, I've never quite felt the way I do right now. My sincere wish is that one day, each Minyan will be blessed with this sensation.

Mr. World Champion Class-by-himself Buc's fan lobbed a last second $25,500 bid for a day in Minyanville! I cannot explain the sheer humility I felt when I read that email. Wait--it gets better. Mr. World Class Joisy emailed to tell me that his pledge for $15,000 was still good even though it came up short. "It's for the children," he said, "it's for the children." Holy Cow!

When we factor in the kind pledges of Warren Bachman, Geoff Wells, Todd Hibbert and Russell Herman, the total amount of our Charity auction to benefit The Ruby Foundation for Children's Education and Jacob's Cure comes to almost exactly $50,000! I will say it again, through today's auction, we've raised $50,000 for charity!

I cannot take credit for this--it's all you, Minyans! THIS, my friends, is why Minyanville has the coolest, hippest, kindest, most wonderful citizens on earth!

Thank you all and have a most spectacular weekend!

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