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Honor Code


Shame on those of you taking advantage of a good thing!


My fellow Minyans,

It has come to my attention that there's been a fair amount of 'sharing' of the Minyanville content with those who aren't citizens. If I may be so bold, that's not called sharing by industry standards--it's call theft. When we created Minyanville, we made sure to price it as inclusively as possible such most people could afford it. At $10 a month or $79 per year, we feel that it's very fair--and we hope you do to.

Please, if you're reading this post and you're not currently a citizen of Minyanville, sign up for a passport. It doesn't take a lot of effort to do the right thing and, hopefully, we can count on you to be a stand up Minyan like the rest of us. This is a community built on trust, friendship and good vibes--we welcome you, but please don't take advantage of our kindness. It's a question of honor and I'm hopeful that this note hits home.

Thank you so very much,

Todd Harrison

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