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Appendage Action!


Keep an eye out for the economic releases!


Holy Guacamole! George Hill--outa nowhere!--lobs in a $15,000 even bid for the charity auction! My goodness--in the immortal words of Woody Woodpecker--I'm gonna love him and squeeze him and name him George! Wasabi G-Man, you're awesome!


A flattish opening and the NYSE breadth is 2:1 positive (early) while the banks are up (but approaching resistance). Deja Vu, Boo, the retailers are once again lagging and that warrants a mention. The semis are softer as well and that's interesting.

In the vein of total honesty, I added some shorts into the green sea on the opening (pure trade) and, as such, I'm gonna slip that second leg back in my bear costume (makes 50% conviction on the short side). My risk is defined (via my stop) and the games have begun.

Quick blurb to pass along--there's a camp out there that seems to think Dubya is gonna strike this weekend. I don't necessarily subscribe to that view--I think if we act without U.N support the market gets smoked--but I've heard it from a few places. Something about "moon cover" for our soldiers.

Good luck!

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