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Random Thoughts to Start the day!


Define your risk, Minyans, and let's grab some jingle!


  • Greg....and Gregger?

  • NDX 1480 is the first resistance, NDX 1515-20 is 'the' resistance. S&P 1150 is also 'a' resitance while S&P 1160 remains THE resistance.

  • I still think that the SOX got lotsa dandruff.

  • NDX stochastics have "crossed" at the bottom (buy signal).

  • The Russell 2000 is at an important spot--it's either gonna make a third consecutive lower high or attempt to break a triple top.

  • I heard Boo is in auditions to star in movie called The NAZZ Singer. " Nazzon the Rocks..."

  • Do you have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder why the PPI disappeared this week?

  • When's the last time you visited my brother Joel and reminded yourself of what really matters in life?

  • The technical bands on either side of the market have been probed more than Jenna Jamison.

  • I agree with Joanie pretty much in lock-step with one glaring omission--how can we forget about the psychology bubble?

  • The new phonebooks, er, servers are here!! The new servers are here!! We'll be swapping systems after the close today and by the time you power up on Monday, the critters are gonna be lightening quick!

  • The Washington Post reported that "more than 2,400 employers across the country reported laying off 50 or more workers in January, the third-highest number of so-called mass layoffs since the government began tracking them a decade ago. The Bush administration tried in late 2002 to cease publication of the mass layoff report, citing its cost. But Congress restored funding after state officials complained."

  • Are we ready for the N's over S's trade yet?

  • Fannie Mae: The Stock that Cried Woof!

  • Daisy just walked by and asked me to ring her (cow) bell. All of a sudden, I felt lactose intolerant. Talk about performance anxiety!

  • If you've never heard or seen Stevie Ray Vaughn, do yourself a HUGE favor and pick up his Live at Austin City Limits DVD. The last compilation (Little Wing) is one of the greatest tunes ever. If you like the guitar, I PROMISE that you'll love SRV.

  • Would you like your company or university to have access to Minyanville en masse? Please contact our licensing director and we'll get it done!

  • Watch the HGX (housing index) and BTK (biotech index) for acne today.

  • I think Boo and Mr. Practical should have a discussion on the GSE's.

  • The 22,000,000 share Yahoo! (YHOO:NASD) print last night (SoftBank selling) is fine. The 20-something thousand options that suddenly traded during the last ten minutes of the session may not be.

  • We're thinking about a biotech professor for the 'Ville. It's early stages, naturally, but it popped into my random keppe.

  • The banks and breadth remain the key reads.

  • While quarter- (and year-) end flows are more pronounced, there will be some manicuring and massaging as the closing bell nears tolling.

  • Jack Grubman was hired by Distinctive Devices (DDVS:NASD).

  • Corks on the forks.

  • Sometimes I play basketball so poorly, I just gotta laugh. I was in "stitches" last night.

  • The bad news is that we're launching an investigation into Mr. Fokker's 2003 pay package. The good news (for him) is that we're not counting the lint as part of the overall compensation.

  • UBS downgraded Coca Cola (KO:NYSE)? I thought they were supposed to be neutral!

  • I see what "tickle me" was tuttling about regarding Japan.

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