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Random Thoughts


Hey Tony--got milk?


  • There's chatter going around that the Raiders are shopping Charles Woodson for a first round draft pick. My thoughts? Good Riddance--he lost my respect at the SuperBowl and I don't need him on my Raiders.

  • The breadth in the NYSE continues to hang tough.

  • The NVLS mid-quarter update after the close will color the semis tomorrow.

  • The retailers continue to act heavy.

  • reports that Al Qaeda published new threat over affiliated Web site to carry out big terror attack in the United States in ten days' time. This is a pretty right wing site but it's getting around the trading wires and I thought you should know.

  • Eskimos use refrigerators to keep food FROM freezing?

  • $1,000,000 in $1 bills would weigh approximately one ton.

  • If back to back Snappers are rare, is it safe to assume that back to back bull traps are rare?

  • That was a decent stochastic sell signal in the OSX yesterday.

  • In 1964, a jury awarded $50,000 to a woman who claimed a cable car accident in San Francisco had made her into a nymphomaniac. I wonder if her lawyer worked on a contingency?

  • Remember J.R Richard?

  • Yes, my S&P plays are out to April

  • In counter-trend rallies, the best longs are the most crowded shorts.

  • In all seriousness--Fokker's a good kid. But don't tell him I said so.

  • We've got a new bidder kicking the tires on the charity auction. Stay tuned!

  • My buddy Warren Bachman just pinged me that he'll donate 25% of the winning bid to the Ruby Foundation and Jacob's Cure. You da man!

  • VIX up marginally on meltage, down 2 on rally. Is that a function of the sidelined players or an ominous sign?

  • Does this market act fantastic--or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

  • The hedge fund hot potato continues.

  • When people run around and around in circles we say they are 'crazy'. When planets do it we say they are 'orbiting.'

  • Tony Dwyer epitomizes everything that's right in this business and all of the things I look for in a friend.

  • I always preferred Fudgie the Whale to Cookiepuss.

  • University of Minyanville final schedule will be presented to the Minyan brass next week. Thank you for your patience--you have my word that it'll be worth the wait. We've also got improvements to the Gazette coming soon!

  • My five favorite restaurants in NYC? Raoul's, Rosa Mexicana, Serendipity, Scalinatella and Union Square Cafe.

  • Keep an on those GE stochastics (hooking negatively).

  • In my 20's, I liked the dapper suit look. In my 30's, I've morphed into the no-shave, tattered jeans, fleece look. I can't even imagine where I'll be when I'm Tony's age. DOH!
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