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More Random Thoughts!


Has anybody seen my mojo?


  • A lot of traders got sucked in on the short side in crude yesterday.!

  • I've always found that the day after a Snapper, traders tend to anticipate another reversal (higher)--and it's a rare occurrence that they get it.

  • A reader asked me an interesting question regarding my deflation thesis and the preservation of capital. Are greenbacks the best vehicle? Why does my gut say no?

  • I keep looking at the Nikkei and French CAC chart and wishing they would just break and get it over with already.

  • Europe, crude, war, dollar...does the market act great or is it only a matter of time before it fails miserably? Answer that question, cookie, and you'll have earned your stripes in trading boot camp.

  • If Mr. Buc's fan wins the charity auction, is it in poor taste to wear my Marcus jersey that day?

  • Morgan Stanley's semiconductor conference next week should offer us some good insight in fundy land.

  • In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world's nuclear weapons combined.

  • Should I make Fokker pay me to sit here all day?

  • Can head and shoulders exist on a two-day chart? If so, look at the Spooz!

  • I gotta say it again. Wow--crude.

  • The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

  • I keep hearing that there's a lot of money on the sidelines, but aren't mutual fund cash reserves at historically low levels?

  • Baby steps add up--and you're less likely to skin a knee.

  • Uncle Buck is still my favorite movie.

  • GE stochastics pixels away from crossing (negatively) at the top.

  • By definition, an option cannot be more liquid than the underlying security.

  • Write down the duct tape lows (made 2/13) in the various averages and sticky note them to your computer--they're that important. Not only are they necessary for a "higher low," but there's also sizable stops below (me thinks).

  • Tick Tock Snapper.

  • Every bear I talk to is scared schvitzless--that's bearish!

  • There are no terrorists in Minyanville. Why? Cause we would kick their ass!

  • Questions on stochastics? Tony will gladly answer them!

  • There were some hysterical answers to the best comedy of all-time...but I can't share them!

  • Casey is sick now--uncanny how in synch we are at times (I've upticked marginally).

  • If you spend your time bumming over a trade gone bad (or covered/sold too soon), you'll miss the next trade.

  • A fellow Minyan who's a fireman is sending me a helmet. That's super cool!

  • Will analyst recommendations matter again? I don't mean any disrespect--it's a serious question.

  • Are extreme technical readings (to the downside) necessary before a meaningful turn? No. As a big picture bear, would I like to see them? Fer sure.
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