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Seeing Stars


I just love an educated man! Too bad you're a BOY, Fokker!


Try not to put yourself under too much pressure today. You may think you can take on the world and win, and maybe you can, but why go to all that trouble when you don't have to? Both at work and at work, you should aim to relax and not take anything too seriously. Find a way to turn off the "monkey chatter" inside your head. Try meditation.

Cancer (June 22-July 23)
Horoscope, NY Post, February 26th, 2003

I've gotta tell ya, the NY Post nails it almost every single day--it's uncanny! I just walked by a copy of the rag and couldn't help but take a peek at what the stars were saying and, sure enough, bingo! Funny too...I was just gonna pen that, gun to head, they'd close 'em on the lows but according to the powers that be, I should probably keep that thought to myself!

A couple of things to watch as we find our way through the afternoon. Microsoft continues to be a battlefield and if the sellers can "get to" that name (in the face of an upgrade), it's probably a telling sign. I'm also carefully watching the SOX here. A risk reversal (simultaneous purchase of puts and sale of calls) "went up" a while back and the group hangs tough. Watch that complex for signs of slippage/traction. Finally, the banks have been heavy all day and they're creeping closer to the Duct-tape low (BKX700ish)--that's a very important level.

The breadth continues to urge caution but, as we know, it did the same yesterday before Snapper smacked Boo upside the head. We're kinda in a "dead zone" here as the tape wiggles in a state of flux but the price action will pick up soon enough. Hang tight, don't press and above all else, think positive--we'll get there.

Meanwhile, on the Fokker front, Chris Radigan takes the prize--and the Tee--for correctly guessing Delaware as house of his higher education. Yes, sports fans, Florence Nightingale attended the same college as Raider quarterback (and league MVP) Rich Gannon. Go Blue Hens!

Hope you're nailin' like a hammer!

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