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A Comedy of Errors


Hey Toddo--I wonder if he's gonna make you wear a Buc's hat?!?


Two quick (non-market) thoughts before we dig in and get rockin' First of all, Fokker finally tallied up the results from yesterday's poll (he had to take his shoes off). The Minyan all-time favorite comedy series wasn't much of a contest. Seinfeld kept the pen at #1, The Simpson's finished second (DOH!) and Cheers came in third. Mea culpa on the poor poll choice--I'll get my act together!

More importantly, a new bidder has emerged for the Minyanville charity auction! Out of nowhere, a Buc's fan (I kid you not!) from Tampa lobbed in a $12,000 bid! I suppose my theory is right--Tampa has classy fans--even if some of it's Sappy players don't! Thanks for the mojo, brother--The Ruby Foundation and Jacob's cure very much appreciates it! Wasabi!

For trading types, I'll likely make small picks (on my shorts) into the opening slippage (as a function of discipline) and then turn my attention towards our tells.

Good luck today!

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