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More Random Thoughts!


Have a great weekend!

  • It's easy for me to "see" an inverted yield curve. The harder question to answer is how and when that'll matter to the world. If (mongo if) the intermediate-term rally phase unfolds, I would imagine that it would be accompanied by the "new economic paradigm" chatter. Can't you just see "certain" teletubbies proclaiming that cycles no longer matter? I don't think this is rational but that has nothing to do with whether or not it could occur.

  • I was in a pretty sour mood this morning as a number of things seemed to go wrong at the same time. During the day, I spoke to a friend of mine whose little boy is sick and another whose mother has pancreatic cancer. Man, I felt selfish for feeling sorry for myself when there are so many reasons to feel blessed.

  • The demand in the marketplace feels "concentrated," for lack of a better word, although there are conflicting data points as to who the gorilla was/is. During our (back-to-back) Succofest last night, I asked John if he felt a similar vibe regarding the nature of the buying. He agreed that the tenor of the tape smacked of short-covering. I'm not sure if that's actionable, in and of itself, but it's interesting given the players I suspect are involved.

  • How come Peek Freens are so damn serious all the time?

  • I'm bursting at the seams to leak some of the Minyanville announcements that are due to hit the tape in the next few weeks. As I've been force fed patience in the last few years, however, I'm gonna bite my tongue (fingers) and wait to do it right. Suffice to say that, in 15 years of makin' and takin' 'em, I've never seen a risk/reward dynamic as compelling as this. What am I talking about? You'll see soon enough.

  • Was that "it" for the "down" in the down/up/DOWN vibe I scribed recently? I obviously didn't think so into yesterday's bell and today's action proved me wrong (mea culpa). Still, I'm content to keep it light and tight into the weekend and take a fresh look on Monday. I know that may not be the value added insight some Minyans are looking for but I can--and will--always be honest with where I stand and what I'm seeing.

  • I'd like to see this kid wearing Silver and Black next season.

  • That's some chart in Phelps Dodge (PD)!

  • The response for the "Minyanville Schnitzel" (gold and silver coins with Hoofy and Boo) has been overwhelming and we'll put that on our "to do" list. It may take a while (it's a long list) but I continue to believe that they'll be very popular "stores of value."

  • I'm gonna jump and juggle over to the Buzz for the final hour of our week. Have a fantastic weekend, Minyans, and we'll circle up on Monday with a full staff and a few laughs.

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