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Random Thoughts!


Boo worked better as a bachelor!


  • Holy Cow!

  • NYSE breadth is a minty 2:1 positive but the Nazz internals are heavy despite the jig in the semi space.

  • Along those lines, SOX 440 is a big level on a closing basis.

  • I never saw Cool Hand Luke but I certainly feel like him today.

  • A bird in the hand is more expensive for the Bush.

  • "The mid-day reversal in the NASDAQ couldn't have come at a better time for the bulls. With January lows hovering around 2008, trend indications would have deteriorated precipitously had that level been breeched. The increase in volume was helpful, implying modest accumulation, but not seminal. The call is difficult at this point, because short-term indicators are weak, while long-term trends are in tact. Consistency is key to operating successfully in the market, and with that we're inclined to give the market the benefit of the doubt. January lows are pivotal, that applies to indices and stocks." Lehman scribe Jeff DeGraaf

  • Edward Lewis...Michael's a worthy read.

  • I sure hope Kit Deluca found a nice guy.

  • Trades R' Us!

  • Talk about a lunar eclipse. A slew of Minyanville professors are either traveling or experiencing tech issues today. That explains the Kate Moss content on the News & Views. Suffice to say that we'll be back in the saddle next week and, further, we'll be introducing a handful of worthy scribes in the coming weeks. Thanks kindly for your understanding as we build the 'Ville and share the thrill.

  • Look at me, I'm Andy Xie!

  • Target practice!

  • The homies are at it again. We noted the flag pattern yesterday morning (along with the tendency for it to "break" to the side of the prevailing trend) and "break" they did. The HGX is up another deuce today as the group scoops the short base. Say what you will on the real estate situation--that's your call--but I haven't seen action this bubbly since the's were measured by eyelashes.

  • And Iran....Iran so far away. Couldn't get away.

  • My intraday stochastics are pretzlin' across the top of my page. My sense is that they see the other side of the screen at a point today (read: probe).

  • I picked up a data point late yesterday that a monster buyer was covering everything he could get his paws on in the S&P. It "feels" like he's back today and I view that as potentially problematic for the bulls. If he walks, the Minx balks.

  • Discipline must always trump conviction and while the above mentioned inputs placed the urge to splurge in my head, S&P 1207 just ticked. That's my stop and I've now undressed--sorry for the seven handle oops but I hope the process provided value at some level.

  • Baby's got gas!

  • And just like that, the S&P is back at levels seen just before the pre-expiration slippage. Fun stuff!

  • And this is before a Minyanville commemorative coin is minted!

  • This is consistent with our recent discourse regarding the comingling of products into the video game media channels.

  • Sorry 'bout that Minyans.

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