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The Brrr Fur!


May peace be with you!


Now I will stand in the rain on the corner
I'll watch the people go shuffling downtown
Another ten minutes no longer
And then I'm turning around

(Led Zeppelin)

We're "all of a sudden" jammy in the city of critters but I wanted to make certain non-Buzzin' Minyans saw what was happenin' on the other side of the fence. As such, I've copied two posts below with the hopes that it adds value to your process. .

Here comes the dump! (3:11 PM)

No, not the market--although I have asked Bill to bring the suit into my office for further inspection--I was referring to the snow fall. It's supposed to accumulate a Jewish eight inches tonight (that's six inches of actual snow) and that has traders sneaking out the back door (read: thinning liquidity).

For clarity's sake, this is my two cent take on the world

Equities: My inclination is to get short in here with a stop above S&P 1205.
Crude: Extended but would rather buy pullbacks that pick tops.
Metals: Have room to run.
Dollar: see metals (but in reverse).

None of this is advice, obviously, but it's my honest vibe on a slow and drifty Thursday.

Risk Junkie! (3:16 PM)

I can't help myself...with the S&P flirting with resistance and certain perma-bulls getting loud, I'm gonna dip into the fur.

Two legs in (50% conviction on the short side) and a very tight and disciplined stop above S&P 1205.

Thanks kindly, Minyans, and we'll connect fresh in the ayem. Please note that if my stop is triggered (we're never supposed to short dull tapes), I'll communicate it on the Buzz but may not have time to post a fresh column in the News & Views. Have a safe and pleasant night---we know Boo will!


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