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Random Thoughts


If I catch a sail wind, NDX 1486 (50-day) should offer initial resistance.


  • There will be no more Minyanville email alerts when a new article is posted--we found them to be cumbersome and lotsa Minyans weren't diggin' it. What we've done, instead, is create this snazzy Buzz & Banter alert feature for desk top (the size of an instant message). Whenever a new Buzz or News and Views story posts to the site, it'll automatically refresh on this window. If you keep the feature "minimized," it'll blink on your tool bar window. Cool?

  • With the exception of existing home sales tomorrow (exp. 6.25M), the catalyst calendar is quiet until Thursday, when Beeks and a bevy of retailers will paint the tape.

  • The BKX seems to be forming a pennant formation of its own.

  • Mock--YEAH--ing--YEAH--bird--YEAH--yeah--YEAH!

  • Fat Tuesday? Fat Wednesday, Fat Thursday...

  • I'm gonna catch a lotta heat on this one but I gotta say it cause it's been eating at me for a while. HEY DUBYA--STOP FOCUSING SO MUCH ON GAY MARRIAGES AND TAKE CARE OF THE IMPORTANT ISSUES THAT ARE THREATENING OUR COUNTRY!!!

  • The Newmont Mining (NEM:NYSE) battle of $45 continues.

  • I still haven't finished Angels & Demons by Dan Brown yet (been a little busy lately)...but it's good. Very good.

  • There's a rumor--NOT CONFIRMED--that Daisy set an all-time bead record in New Orleans.

  • I sure hope that Timothy Olsen warns his sisters about Fokker. (Get it?)

  • Yes, there are still double tops in place for the Dow Jones, S&P and Russell 2000.

  • We're doing the content swapping thing with Professor Fleckenstein. Please check out his site when you can, he's one of the few columnists I try never to miss (others include Mike Santoli, John Roque, Gretchen Morgenson and Jeff DeGraff).


  • Yes, we will be adding a link to the bottom of each News & Views column allowing you to view other News & Views columns. And thanks to the Minyanship for their continued suggestions--you're the backbone of our community and we want you to be happy.

  • Why hasn't Greg 2 been named yet? He hasn't earned it. In fact, as a function of today's lunch fluff, he's been relieved of a letter. Until further notice, his name is Gre.

  • Franklin Raines.

  • I've gotten a fair amount of "things are great--there's no reason to short stocks" emails. Perhaps...but remember that the first phase of any trading craze is denial (before migration and panic).

  • The techies got back to us with why yesterday was SO slow and the numbers are staggering. I've never understood supply constraints better than I do now....but fear not, Mon Frere, the server we're installing fetches lunch and walks the dog.

  • Gold up $5, crude up 2%, bonds up, dollar getting smoked...and equities are more confused than Boofy (the cross-dressing bull/bear).

  • Diggin' the new features in the 'Ville? Please help support your local critters and tell some friends!

  • Nazz breadth is 4:3 negative while the S's are flat.

  • VXO (volatility index) is 15.75. No fear, no worries, no problems, no sir.

  • Tree Hugger!

  • I am gonna break every rule in Minyanville and once, just once, offer advice to our readers--read Susan Wein to your kids. I guarantee that they'll love her!

  • Yes, we're still working on new Minyanville professors--emerging markets, energy, pacific rim, etc. Our goal is to have a multitude of professors who view the market through different lenses.

  • Twenty beats your five, sir.

  • Holy cow--I just found out that a venture capital investment I made pre-bubble was just acquired! I thought they were long gone!

  • They call him Schottenfeld. Rick Schottenfeld.

  • College Minyans--wanna earn while ya learn as a Minyan ambassador? Contact Fokker and get on board!
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