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Random Thoughts


Tech issues!


  • We're aware that many Minyans are experiencing very slow load times right now. Our tech team is on it and we hope to have it addressed shortly. Little glitches (in buzz/banter desktop tool, etc.) always occur during a new launch--please be patient with us.

  • The retailers still trade as if they're a crowded short. Look at the RTH (retail holder) and you'll see how important the $95 level is.

  • You can control the font size of the new 'Ville at the bottom of this page.

  • Most traders I speak with think that it's simply a matter of time before we take out S&P 1160. Still, until proven otherwise, double tops and non-confirmations abound.

  • Personally, I thought the final episode of Sex in the City was a huge miss.

  • Minyanville press release hits the tape.

  • The denial-migration-panic process is in full effect--the only question is whether we're in the denial portion of a bear phase or the migration portion of the bull phase.

  • Every dip below the NDX 50-day moving average has been short lived. Pay particular attention to this as we edge towards the NDX 1450-1460 level.

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeein

  • Will be fixed shortly...

  • The banks continue to hold BKX 1000. As long as they remain firm, Snapper has a shot.

  • Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire

  • Is it a coincidence that most columnists have used Boo as their critter of choice in Buzz & Banter?

  • My column will pick up in pace (in this space)--I'm just dealing with alotta administrative issues today with regard to the new digs.

  • Europe is now hugging either side of the flat line.

  • If the semis don't hold SOX 495, 490 is the last support before SOX 470. And yes, that dandruff is still very much in play.

  • Nazz breadth.

  • The internets have traded lethargic from the word go.

  • I think Soriano will be a Hall of Famer.

  • Fine, I is YOUR Monday?

  • The consumers continue their outperformance.


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