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More Random Thoughts!


Melt this, chubs!


  • If the BKX can poke through (higher), the S&P might try and run with that sloppy looking flag pattern (thanks Frank). Am I playing it that way? No, but ignoring it would be silly and you always want to "see" both sides of every trade.

  • Why do the numbers on a phone go one way and the numbers on the calculator go the other?

  • Real flow today? Less than Zero.

  • I'm goin' back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali, I'm going back to Cali, huh, I don't think so!

  • What do you call 1000 terrorists at the bottom of the ocean. A helluva start!

  • Storage and semis continue to trade heavy, retailers continue to trade firm.

  • Happy birthday Peter Rosenthal!

  • Morgan Stanley option desk circa 1991, where are you now? Chuck, Jack, Harry, Nips, Tommy, Lou, Don, Eddie, Succ, Kim, Betty, Eddie....that's old school! No offense Jackson!

  • Did I mention that the fleeces are AWESOME?

  • Let Nora sing the song!

  • It's easy to lose focus when you're staring at the flicking ticks. But take a step back and think. If I were to tell you that the market cracked monster support at S&P 870, failed 60 handles and then rallied back towards the breakdown level--what would you do? Me too...and I'm itching to put another leg into the fur.

  • The White Shadow was a great TV show!

  • Does the NDX need to "take out" the 200-day on the upside before failing?

  • Do cows drink milk?

  • Raiders! ARRRGGHH! (sorry)

  • VIX sitting on 200-day support.

  • The next time you're in a really nice restaurant, order the penisfish and watch the expression on the waiters face.

  • These Spooz are jumpy, eh?

  • Negative energy is such a waste of time.

  • New trendline! 21-day S&P chart. Draw a line across the tops starting from January 24. See it? Now...we just gotta figure out if that's a reverse head and shoulders (bullish)!

  • Do I think a melt is coming? I think so--I'm just trying to wrap my arms around the timing.
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