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Random Thoughts


I'm a bear and, as such, I want the market to rally--it gives me better entry points on the short side!


  • I had finished a long missive and my computer crashed--thus erasing the long missive. Love that!

  • A large part of this rally spike was the short pressers (from the explosion) getting squeezed. Yes, I nibbled back on some of the puts I sold into the melt.

  • If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

  • The action on expiration typically occurs around the bells.

  • When the Final Four begins, we'll do our NYC Minyanfest at a sports bar. A'ight?

  • Watch the banks as they flirt with resistance at BKX 725.

  • Pop Quiz: How many years were my grandparents Ruby and Dorothy married? Send your (one) guess to and the winner will receive a free Minyanville Tee!

  • Do geese get people bumps?

  • Breadth in the NYSE now 2:1 positive

  • With everyone watching S&P 870 as mamaluke resistance, we'll prolly overshoot it a bit or never get there.

  • Toying with the idea of adding another bear appendage on this spike--haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  • Storage continues to trade heavy.

  • Yes, I'm aware that people "crib" ideas from Minyanville--it's flattering, actually!

  • Two upgrades, a jiggy market--and the SOX still can't get out of it's own way.

  • I couldn't decide between a bacon/egg/cheese and bagel/lox/tomato for breakfast. So I had both.

  • There are 'buy stops' above Tuesday's highs.

  • Does anybody out there think FNM will one day declare bankruptcy?

  • What's Saddam gonna say...and would a conspiracy theorist raise an eyebrow regarding the market action into the speech?
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