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Rosie's Palm Reading


If you're a bear, higher prices are your friend!


Spread out now Rosie
Doctor come cut loose her mama's reins
You know playin' blind man's bluff
Is a little baby's game

(Bruce Springsteen)

The opening bell rings and the Minx sings--and expiration Friday in Minyanville has officially begun. My eyes this morning are watching the brokers (lethargic), semis (near resistance), Orcl (funky), storage (heavy), the autos (shorts pressing) and our levels (held first test). I'm also watching Tony on CNNfn and I've gotta tell ya--he's got some serious mojo working. Hey Tone--how about tossing a "wasabi" out there for your fellow Minyans?

A quick check of the morning breath shows winners trumping losers 3:2 on the NYSE while it's flat as a pancake on the Nazz (S's over N's). I'm keying off of S&P 836 and NDX 990ish as levels that must hold if Snapper and Hoofy are gonna dance the Texas two-step. Again, I'm not playing it that way (I've got a leg in my bear outfit), but IF you're bullish, you may wanna use those levels as a stop.

More importantly, remember that you're not mandated to play every day. Wait for your pitch and don't drive blind. It's a mixed metaphor...but hey, work with me. It's Frieday!

Gotta hop.

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