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Bulletin Board


No grass makes for a hungry Hoofy.


  • Oh by the way, the Brazilian wax continues as the Bovespa was down 5% yesterday. Silk milk!

  • $3.6 billion into mutual funds this week.

  • Index options expire in the morning, individual stock options in the afternoon.

  • Lotsa open interest at QQQ 37 level. (pin possibilities)

  • Watch crude $36 (January high). Through there and there's some resistance at $38 and then it's up, up and away (with the exception of the psychologically important $40).

  • Don't confuse natural muscular strength with steroid enhanced performance. Along those lines, if this market was an athlete, she would be banned from the Olympics!

  • Why can't I watch Franklin Raines without getting a shiver down my spine?

  • Is anybody else getting pumped for March Madness?

  • We filled (Monday's opening) gaps with yesterday's close. We also broke the one month pennant in the S&P (to the downside) and furthered the non-confirmation issues for the Minx.

  • Watch the breadth today for overt strength or weakness.

  • Minyanville will close the curtains at 5pm EST to begin the massive overhaul. When you power up on Monday, I sure hope you'll be wearing a seatbelt. I schvitz you not!

  • If you'd be upset if the market was up 100 (because you missed it) or down 100 (because you were caught or not short), think about that for a moment. If you set yourself up for disappointment either way, you're gonna be unhappy no matter what happens. Look at it the other way...and think positive as we start this session.

  • Good luck.
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