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Random Thoughts


The Philly funk wont help!


  • Oh yeah, the NDX 200-day moving average is 1017 (topped at 1015 the last three days). That's the level the bulls will be shootin' for if they can turn the tape.

  • We're getting great feedback on the cookies. No pun intended!

  • Philly Fed MUCH weaker.

  • In Australia, the legal age for straight sex is 16--unless the person is in the care/custody of a person 18 or older.

  • When looking for potential expiration "pins," I always look at the open interest of a particular strike relative to the average daily volume.

  • The DAX is down (another) 2% and Europe is gettin' smoked like a Philly Blunt.

  • Will the Knicks win an NBA championship in my lifetime?

  • Yes, I am still FIRMLY in the deflation camp. By the time that camp gets crowded, it'll be too late to do anything about it!

  • I'm hearing that there's a stealth buyer of the futes at 840 trying to hold the Spooz above that VERY important level.

  • Do I think expiration is buoying the market? In a word, yes.

  • My trusty NDX stochastics (which were coiled like a snake) are now closer to a sell signal to a buy signal (not there yet).

  • Could we get a Snapper? Yeah, we "could"...expiration tends to exacerbate the action (either way) and it's always tough to game. Do I think we do? No?

  • In Thailand, it's illegal to leave your house without wearing underwear. Man, if I lived there, I'd give new meaning to the phrase "bubble boy."

  • The Nikkei held at an important level (8575ish)--watch that zone as a potential inflection point (either way).

  • I think I was a hippie in a former life.

  • Somebody just bought 13,000 QQQ puts--that's bullish on the margin.

  • Lehman just downgraded the telecom services sector.

  • Am I threading the needle on the "one more whoosh" trade before the official Sham (stiff lift) higher? Perhaps...

  • Bearish at S&P 805 and bullish at S&P 850 a week later? Take a few days away from the flickering ticks and take a break.

  • I went back and read my New Year's Resolutions last night just to make sure I'm staying the course.

  • Rolling stops are a great way to let your winners run while defining your risk.

  • Tony--did Daisy pick out that tie?

  • My intraday stochastics, while not giving sell signals yet, have worked off their "coiledness."

  • BKX cweeping back--watch this group.

  • OK--I'll say it again. PLEASE, my friends, PLEASE do not comment, praise, assess, note or judge my trades while they're still open. I'm very superstitious and I believe that mushes are a traders worst enemy.

  • I love John Hughes movies.

  • I've put my therapist in therapy.

  • Storage and specialty pharma act o.k today.

  • N's over S's.

  • The greenback is getting hit. Shocker, Frokker!

  • A hospital, what is it? It's a large brick building with patients inside--but that's not important right now!
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