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Random Thoughts


Unless these internals improve, I'm going nowhere fast.


  • The brokers trade surprisingly dry (yes, I'm aware of today's deal).

  • Watch the gap in the S&P--842 works to 836.

  • If olive oil is made from olives, what's baby oil made from?

  • Again, there's a world of difference between consumer spending and increased debt.

  • Has anybody ever seen Fred Dorushkin and Jeff Spicoli in the same room?

  • With the exception of ANF, the retailers continue to trade heavy.

  • I think the DAX weakness is MORE than the Deutsche Telecom EU2.5 Billion convert--I just haven't wrapped my arms around what "it" is. Watch the dollar for signs of slippage--that'll be the next sign.

  • Could Thursday's bottom be a non-capitulatory bottom akin to the October lows? Yes. Do I think it is? No.

  • Boo just called me a "bitch" for not slipping into fur yesterday--I hate it when he calls me that! I told him that, with the stochastics as coiled as they were, I didn't want to press. Mea culpa--a furry appendage would have been an accurate extension of my thought process.

  • Livestock excrete 130 times as much waste as people.

  • SOX down 1% (so far) on an upgrade. That, coupled with WMT down on "better" earnings is something to note.

  • Breadth 2:1 negative.

  • More types of fish swim in Brazil's Amazon River than in the entire Atlantic Ocean.

  • My grandmother and I had a spirited discussion regarding the virtues of "gentleman's clubs." It was, without a doubt, one of the funniest discussions I've had in a while.

  • When the bears are scared to short, that's typically a negative divergence.

  • To be clear, I don't WANT there to be a war--I want there to be an end to terrorism and I'm not certain how to achieve that.

  • Citibank acts ok--but it's only 78 cents from resistance.

  • My contacts tell me that there's NO gorillas out there--this is all hedge fund hot potato.

  • If we end here, the bulls will say that this is constructive.

  • I sense that fading rallies is the money trade.

  • Stone crabs are too labor intensive.

  • The best way to respond to overtly rude people is to be really nice to them. Drives 'em nuts!

  • I still think that if you have $1 and put it under your bed, you'll be able to buy $1.50 worth of stuff in five years.

  • I have a lazy (left) eye--just like my grandfather.

  • Should the U.S respect the U.N if they expect Iraq to? It's hard to argue against that logic.

  • How many people do you know in the financial industry who are happy?

  • It was fantastic to sleep in a place where there aren't sirens blaring at all hours.

  • Hey Nips, remember the letter I trade?

  • I have intimacy issues on the long side.

  • Sitting in the airport last night listening to the after-market talk shows, I couldn't help but cringe as I listened to the "worst is behind us" crowd. I clearly have my opinions also--but don't state it as fact!

  • Step out of New York City--there's an entire world out there! You tend to forget that sometimes when you're running on the hamster wheel.

  • I spent some time in Istanbul this summer and I'm truly saddened by what's going on over there. These are (for the most part) good, peaceful people who are being dragged into a messy situation.

  • Do you remember when you fell asleep in grade school with your head on the desk...and awoke in a puddle of saliva?
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