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Random Thoughts!


Play like a Minyan today!


  • Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger!

  • More chit chat on the three peaks and a Meehan head.

  • A respected technical service that shall remain nameless (rhymes with foul me!) issued a sell signal for "aggressive traders" when the 14-day stochastic fell below its 3-day moving average. They offer that this signsl is subject to "frequent whipsaws" and that it should be regarded as an early warning signal of a short-term market correction.

  • Virtual real estate.

  • Commodity cycles!

  • Elmer Fudge!

  • I've got a coupla columns resting in our pending file that will post later in the session. As for me, I'm getting ready to hop a flight to Rubyville and surprise the sprinkles out of my grandmother. In 20 years, I won't remember this expiration but I guarantee that I'll remember the look on her face when she sees me!

  • Chairman Greenspan's testimony today restated the critical points in the last FOMC statement: the economy is in good shape, while inflation and inflation expectations are "well anchored".

  • Why does Elmer & Co. discuss economic expansion and the dubious deficits as two separate topics when the former is a function of the latter?


  • "The recent economic contractions in Germany, Italy and Japan challenge the widespread perception that the world's major industrialized economies are able to shrug off high oil prices, and cast a shadow over their prospects in 2005." The Buzz &, sorry. - Wall Street Journal, February 18, 2005

  • Antisocial Security.

  • This ain't your father's labor market recovery!

  • Bullish bears?

  • I think Elmer needs to spend a week in Vegas. OK, maybe just a weekend...a week is too long for anyone! (Pressure on that hard eight!)

  • Is Oakland the new hedge fund capital of the world?

  • Cashing in on currency.

  • Heat wave!

  • One of my greatest gifts from Minyanville is the friendships I've forged with people I greatly respect. Thank you JB for being my perpetual sixth man!

  • "February's cash level is near the record low of 3.5 percent logged in December 2003, showing that fund managers are near to being fully invested in the market, Bowers said"

  • Deficit fret.

  • X-box of rain

  • Have a good day, Minyans, and remember that discipline trumps conviction!


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