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Random Thoughts


Watch those brokers as the XBD tries to punch to new highs!


  • Why do cats lick themselves when they're embarrassed? Can you imagine if humans did the same thing?

  • Dollar chatter.

  • "I believe that our mission has always been to be bringers of joy, to be affirmers of the good in each of us, to be - in subtle ways - teachers, and to speak, as Walt once said, "not to children but to the child in each of us," by way of great storytelling, by way of giving our guests a few hours in another world where their cares can be momentarily put aside, and by way of the memories of those moments that remain with people forever." -Roy E. Disney

  • It's hard not to be excited by the A-Rod trade as a Yankee fan (although it's prolly a LOT easier to hate them if you're not). Still, I'm gonna miss Soriano and still think he could be one of the all-time greats if he stays healthy and focused.

  • The semis have been fighting tooth and nail for each upside step today. In fact, Applied Materials (AMAT:NASD) is flatlining (in front of tomorrow's earnings). Perhaps it has something to do with Fred Hickey's blurb in Barron's highlighting that the group's current P/E is nearly twice the 10 year average.

  • Expect the mud slinging to get a lot messier.

  • The London FTSE is holding steady as the other bourses give a bit back.

  • Abercrombie (ANF:NYSE), Agilent (A:NYSE) and Network Appliance (NTAP:NASD) will tell their tale tonight.

  • If you're a dead head and a hoops fan, you gotta read this article. It's pretty funny.

  • Newmont Mining (NEM:NYSE) is either in the midst of a monster "shake out" pattern (breaking a double bottom before reversing to break a triple top) or it's congesting right at resistance. Look at a six month chart and you'll see what I mean.

  • Fokker was all excited because we got him a new laptop and was giddy when showing me the features early this morning. I then told him that I was gonna take the new lappy and he can have mine. I won't, of course, but you shoulda seen the look on the kid's face. Priceless.

  • Everyone misses trades at times. The key is not to dwell on them such that you cost yourself future opportunities.

  • The brokers (XBD) are trying to punch through their January highs (right here). Watch this group for traction/slippage as a leading market tell.

  • I know Buffalo is hell in the winter but this is a little much.

  • I never realized that two Uncle Buck actors (Chenise and Maisy) are also in Field of Dreams. Both great flicks.

  • Dan Meehan is experiencing A ROD of a different sort. Sucks to be a Sox fan, brah.

  • It's a relatively quiet week on the catalyst front. That'll put the technical and psychological metrics on the front burner.

  • I wonder if Steve and Susan (from the Ameritrade commercial) spent the night together.

  • The new Buzz & Banter format will allow for continual pings of real-time market education throughout the day. It will, so you know, be available through the Gazette and an IM alert feature. In other words, you won't have to continually check when something is posted--it'll highlight on your tool bar automatically (when minimized) or refresh the IM window (if it's up). Very cool stuff.
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