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Random Thoughts


We're going to Florida!

  • Hey Abbott! For all you SunMicro players, please "see" that value shop Lord Abbett & Co. has initiated a position in the name. 35,000,000 shares, to start, which immediately makes them the sixteenth largest institutional holder in the name. I'm involved, as you know, but it's more of an investment rather than a trade. And lest you think I'm talking my book, please know I'm not. I'm just sharing the "eyes" that I use to watch after one of my own.

  • Deflation? With the Dow at a five year high? I just don't see it, which bodes well for the CRB names (as the index sits on multiyear trendline support). We opined this morning that energy and metals could see a bounce and indeed they are (OSX +2.5%, XOI +2%, XAU +2.6%).

  • The critters are heading to Rubyville this weekend for some vibe time with the Maven. As such, and in the spirit of the 'Ville, we're gonna host a Sunday Minyanfest in Del Ray, Florida between 5pm-7pm. Nothing fancy, just a little vibe time on the beach with some tasty waves and cool buds. All Minyans are welcome (and sorry for the late notice).

  • Minyans. Mountains. August 10-13. Are you ready?

  • Get this man a job at the Fed!

  • We saw pretty sizable call buying in Yahoo! late yesterday but the stock has yet to react today.

  • Who ya gonna call?!?? Newbie hire Ariana tore down the house last night with a fantastic rendition of the Ghostbuster's theme. Very well done young lady!

  • I'll be delivering the key note at the 2nd annual Entrepreneur's Retreat in Cannon Beach, Oregon on March 18th. Area Minyans are welcome to attend and can contact Professor David Miller for more dets.

  • I'm no economist--and far be it from me to question conventional wisdom--but how can Treasury Secretary John Snow and Fed Hed Ben Bernanke blindly opine that the yield curve has suddenly lost its predictive powers? 'Collective agendas' and 'shaped psychology' have seemingly entered a new societal phase.

  • Is March Madness really around the corner?

  • We're hearing that the correlation of hedge fund returns is quite high. Huge January, flat to down February. Interesting, as it seems that alotta players have the same bets on. File that away for a later date as it's an interesting nugget of thought.

  • Who's zoomin' who?

  • Hewlett (HPQ) was the best performing Dow component last year and it's starting '06 right where it left off (+8%).

  • I asked a question on the Buzz this morning: If you can have lunch with any one person in history, who would it be? Some answers included:

    • My dad when he was 36.

    • Jesus Christ.

    • Anwar Sadat.

    • Leonardo DaVinci.

    • George Washington.

    • Winston Churchill (if he brings brandy and stogies)

    • The Dalai Lama.

    • Hoofy (so I can ask him what he's thinking)

  • Friday's expiration will add undercurrents to the action that aren't always obvious. Keep an eye out for pin risk, which has a higher probability when open interest is outsized relative to average daily volume

  • I offered an "oh by the way comment" on the Buzz yesterday that mojo is cyclical. Surprisingly, I gotta lotta feedback on that vibe. It's true--seasons, markets, moods, waves--they all operate on cycles. Understand there will be rough spots and know there will be better days. Smoothing the process--and not letting my P&L define my person--is one of the most valuable lessons I've learned through the years.

  • Fare ye well into the bell.


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