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Random Thoughts


Every time the Minx blinks green, a palpable sense of performance anxiety makes the rounds.

  • Today, our friends at BTIG-Bass have focused their attention on helping children today as "all but a penny" of each order will be donated to charity. I've known Steve Starker and the BTIG family for a long time and, as Minyanville is all about helping the kids, we wanna give them some snaps on the effort.

  • Is it me or does anyone else have Bonnie Tyler on the brain?

  • Every time the Minx blinks green, a palpable sense of performance anxiety makes the rounds. I see it, you feel it, we all know it--the only thing worse than not making money is not making money when those around you are.

  • To be sure, there are hooks for Hoofy to hang his hat on. The S&P trendline, for one, remains underfoot. The banks, for two, are stubbornly sticky at BKX 119. Corrections, for three, have been "rolling rotations" rather than outright migrations. And, for sho', the lower dollar is currently serving as an asset-class crutch.

  • Is today a textbook tape for the "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation" discussion? With the greenback on its heels, equities, crude and metals are all benefiting from the rising tide.

  • Levels of lore for those keeping score? BKX 119 (right there, right now) and OSX 200 (coming up quick).

  • I, for one, am looking forward to some Fast Money insights from Minyan Guy Adami. Welcome to the 'Ville, Bus, and tell crazy to make way!

  • I haven't chased SunMicro (SUNW) since my pre-$6 purchases but I'm eyeing it now after this recent stealth digestion. In a perfect world, it'll retest $6 but the world is far from perfect and this remains one of my faves.

  • I have, as many of you know, made a slew of sales of late, including tough love in my favorite sector (the metals). That might prove to be "too prudent" but it's consistent with my stated goal of identifying advantageous risk/rewards and "covering up" in cloudy tapes. To each their own, we know, so I can only communicate what--and why--I'm trading as I am.

  • As it stands, the critter compass remains constructive. Flies in the try will likely emerge via the non-participatory brokerage and semiconductor sectors, so keep them on ye radar regardless if you're involved. And relax your grip on the handlebars, Minyans, as it'll make for a much smoother market ride.

  • We noted the smart call buyers in Onyx Pharma (ONXX) on this morning's Buzz, even after its eye-popping run yesterday.

  • Vibes from Fast Money Minyan Guy "Crazy's on the Bus" Adami…

    "For wanting things that can only be found in the darkness on the edge of town"

    I have found myself listening to a lot of Springsteen lately...what can I tell ya...maybe I am trying to rediscover my youth or maybe with all the junk on the radio these days I have just come to appreciate classic rock a bit more...

    I think the market overall looks pretty healthy--all this Alcoa (AA) takeover chatter is not going to hurt either, but driving home last night from Fast Money, I began thinking that maybe Darkness is some metaphor for the market right now.

    It has been about 28,750 days since the market went lower (or something like that) so we are due. But than again the Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908. I mean that was during the Roosevelt Administration--Teddy Roosevelt! So maybe all this market correction stuff is much ado about nothing. None of this helps you to make money however, but I think this idea might:

    Geron (GERN) resides in the land of biotechnology. You have two things working for you with this stock. First of all, it is an intellectual property play. They have about 243 Telomerase patents that theoretically could prove beneficial in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases like macular degeneration and anemia. The company has 27 embryonic stem cell patents, 38 nuclear transfer patents and another 15 patents in other areas just for good measure.

    Second, GERN is one of the few pure stem cell plays. Back on January 17th, Geron reported that in pre-clinical studies GRNOPC1, an embryonic stem cell based therapeutic, produced nerve growth factors that could potentially help in spinal cord injuries. Also, back on January 11th we saw The House of Representatives approve a measure to expand funding of stem cell research by a 253-174 margin. Now, granted they did not get enough votes to override a potential Presidential veto, but you can see the direction this is headed.

    With a market cap of $541 mln, Geron is not a large company so if things break right for these guys the company could easily be a takeover target. Geron is due to report its 4th quarter earnings on or about February 27th but in typical biotech fashion, this is not really an earnings story.

    Getting long Geron is a bit of a lottery ticket but as you saw with Onyx Pharmaceuticals (ONXX) yesterday, anything is possible. And while we are talking about possibilities, I think Sweet Lou is going to do great things with the Cubs. Carlos Zambrano is the best power pitcher that nobody talks about and Alfonso Soriano has the quickest hands since Johnny Hooker. With all due respect to Newman and Redford (Robert Shaw absolutely stole that movie by the way).

    Did I mention Yankees' pitchers and catchers report today?


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