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Random Thoughts


Market breadth don't lie...

  • Who said pie was easy?

  • It's been quieter than a mouse fart as Hoofy and Boo tetherball the tape. While there's some motion--the XAU is off 2.5%, the semis are slippy anew (-1%), Google is down an Andrew Jackson, energy is trying to perk up (XOI +1%)--the movement has been muted in the mainstay digs.

  • As far as daily tea leaves go, I'm weighing the negative breadth (2:1) vs. relative traction in the financials for clues in the brew.

  • Heads up Miami Minyans!

  • With the XAU down a quick 13%--and the energy patch similarly smacked---I've started sniffing again after peeling out of these long-term favorites.

  • What's it Worth to ya? A lot, at least to us. The critters are front and center in this month's Worth Magazine (hitting newsstands tomorrow).

  • For some, the hurricanes remain a pain.

  • I haven't been stopped like this since my high school prom! I unwound my IBM downside schnitzel this morning as my stop level was triggered. Remember, defined risk was one of the basic tenets of this particular try and there's no crying in baseball--and no rationalizing when trading.

  • Chatter of U.S Iran plans continues to swirl overseas.

  • There is no truth to the rumor that Television's JeffMacke will compete in Olympic female ice dancing wearing a Daisy costume.

  • Answers I Really Wanna Know...

      • Is there anything more frustrating than getting stopped out at an intra-day peak (low)?
      • When will the "rolling volatility" find its way to Equityland?
      • As crude peaked--and dropped--before gold, will a Texas tea bounce precede a similarly precious move?
      • Will Pharma hold DRG 320ish and keep the reverse dandruff in play?
      • Can the Yankees win without a stronger starting five?
      • Why can't there be snow days for the stock market?
      • Is the "big cap over small cap" relative performance trade in the early innings?
      • If we've been in a bull market these last few years, how tight will money get--and how acrimonious will society be--if we are, in fact, edging into a bear market?
      • Will Boo fade rallies until A) the lower '06 highs (S's and N's) are broken or B) Citi $48 and GE $35 are mounted?

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