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More Random Thoughts!


Come on baby, let's get this party started!


  • The bathroom attendant at the restaurant I was at last night told me that he's hearing Friday is "the" day. I tipped him a finski and smiled as I walked out the door.

  • Trend channel lines--Snoop style--reside at S&P 830 and NDX 980 on the upside. I concur.

  • And then this one time at band camp, I took my flute...

  • One of the ten trading commandments--Adapt your style to the market. The toughest aspect of trading this tape is when to stick and move and when to open up your stance for a trade. Either way, defining your risk parameters is not only intelligent, it's often necessary.

  • No can do on the Maryland Minyanfest Feb 22nd but we WILL reschedule. In that vein, point well taken from the NYC Minyans who ask why we haven't broken bread in the big city. We'll put something on the calendar soon.

  • Citigroup (chief tell) fills the gap at 30.90 (from October 14th).

  • My grandfather called every male person he spoke to "sir." And I do too....

  • Microsoft, Cisco, Orcl and Intel continue to trade dry.

  • Oh yeah, DELL reports earnings tonight. Look at the one year chart--this is a BIG level.

  • Beeks alert! Tomorrow morning we get Biz Inventories (exp. .2%), Industrial Production (exp. .3%), Capacity Utilization (exp. 75.6%) and the Chris Weber Confidence Number (exp. 81.9).

  • That duct tape guy on television must be on mushrooms.
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position in s&p and msft.
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